An Indian company involved in promising verticals - renewable energy, robotics and energy storage - is looking for suitable partners for distribution services agreements

The Indian company is mainly involved in three promising verticals - renewable energy, robotics, and energy storage. Since the world countries are concerned about the environment and moving towards a sustainable future, the company offers innovative technology products for uninterrupted power supply and is looking for associating with relevant partners under a distribution services agreement.
The Indian company commenced the robotics activity in the year 2009 with its base in Maharashtra. Now the company is working on interdisciplinary verticals - renewable energy and energy storage and also has its presence in other Indian states and Union Territories such as Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Telengana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and Goa. The world nations are adopting the sustainable innovative technologies to mitigate the over-exploitation of natural resources. This shift towards sustainability from the use of conventional techniques can be efficiently achieved through green initiatives such as development of renewable energy sector (eg. solar & wind). On anticipating the need and demand of the innovations benefiting the environment, the Indian company has been involved in three critical verticals - robotics, renewable energy and energy storage. One of the company's innovative products is Do It Yourself (DIY) energy storage solution with an integrated system consists of a charge controller, hybrid Inverter and the smart lithium battery - the Indian company's other innovative product. It can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes and has a flicker-free solution with a response time of 7 milliseconds (ms). The company already has its transnational collaboration activities and has a prominent business as well as research collaboration activities through various cross-border initiatives such as Indo-Euro Synchronization, German center for Advanced Engineering and Management Studies (GEMS), and Applied Robot Control (ARC) Research Lab Establishment. The Indian company is interested to expand its business activities by collaborating with relevant partners under distribution services agreements.
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The company is looking for companies involved in the energy and electricity supply domain. The role of a partner is to identify relevant commercial as well as domestic spaces such as apartments, hospitals, etc looking for innovative energy storage solution technology and supply the company's innovative products. The partner interested should collaborate under the distribution services agreement.
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