An Indian manufacturer and supplier of extensive range of Marble, Granite Slabs, Tiles, Stone Powder, Pebbles and Concrete seeks commercial agents, distributors under commercial agency agreement or distributor services agreement.

An Indian company, active in manufacture and supply of Marble, Granite Slabs, Tiles, Stone Powder, Pebbles and Concrete catering to various industries, would like to expand its market presence with foreign partners through distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement. The natural stones offer a competitive advantage and create value for their business partner as the wide range of designs, from classic to modern and antique to contemporary, gives their clients countless choices.
Established in the year of 2021, with an aim to provide a range of quality products with fine finish and as per customization requirements by the client, they are one of the promising Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters of Minerals, Pebbles and Cobbles. Their range of products includes Marble, Granite, Slabs, Tiles, Talc/Soapstone Powder, Quartz Powder, Quartz Lumps, Quartz Grit/Grains, Dolomite Powder, Dolomite Lumps, Dolomite Grains, Dolomite Low Silica Powder, Calcite Powder, Limestone Lumps and Powder, Silica Sand, Cobbles and Pebbles. The company is providing best solutions for below industries: - Talc Powder- Agro-Industry, Plastic, Master Filler Batch as a filler, Food Industry, Pharma, Paint, Soap & Detergent, Automotive Compound, Cosmetics. Quartz Powder/ Grit or Grains- Quartz Surfaces (Artificial Marble), Paint, Frit for ceramic, Glass (Only for Export use), Foundry, Water Treatment Plant. Dolomite Powder- Agriculture, Soap & Detergent, Fertilizers, Glass (Only for Export use), Synthetic Surface, Wall Putty, White Cement, Paints. Dolomite Low Silica- Agriculture, Soap & Detergent, Fertilizers. Calcite Powder- Paint, Plastic, Ceramics, Artificial Marbles, Rubber. Lime Stone Powder- Agriculture, Soap & Detergent, Fertilizers, Paints, Plastic. Silica Sand- Well Drilling, Water Treatment Plant. Pebbles and Cobbles- Decorative Stones, Road Paving, Gardenscapes. The company pays attention to the customer needs, examining the style of the environment in which the product will be installed and establishing the most suitable marble to meet the overall technical, functional and aesthetic requirements. The company is characterized by the attention to the details and the technical and functional aspect. Experience the unique performance of the company as it provides high-quality, high-performing products that are tailored to specific needs of the customer with reliable long-term supply. The company is catering to various industries and is looking for partners to expand its reach in the overseas markets under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement.
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The company would like to expand its market presence by engaging in short-term as well as long-term cooperation. It offers cooperation under distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. The company is looking for manufacturing and distribution services agreements with the aim of collaborating with designers and architecture studios who are in search of unique marble elements for their costumers’ houses. The company is also looking for distributors who are well introduced in the local market and with experience in the field of marble, granite or stone.
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