Infrared polarisation optics suitable for applications in optics, photonics, spectroscopy, astronomy, and scientific / chemical / medical industries is offered by the Czech SME based on the technical and commercial agreements

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A Czech SME offers infrared polarisation optics suitable for applications in spectroscopy, astronomy, optics, and photonics R&D and industry. The main advantage of the offered material is a broadband transparency covering visible, near, mid, and longwave infrared region (0.4 - 17µm) and massive birefringence leading to high extinction ratio. The cooperation sought is technical cooperation agreement and a commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The current optical market for MWIR (Medium Wavelength Infrared) and LWIR (Long Wavelength Infrared) polarizers is represented only by wire-grid or holographic types of polarizers. These types provide only low Extinction Ratio (ER) and low damage threshold values, which limit the final performance for the applications. The offered product polarization optics represents a unique solution available for infrared applications with the highest extinction ratio in comparison with other market competitors. The SME offers a unique optical crystal material, which is suitable for infrared (up to 17µm) polarization optics, optical depolarizers, adjustable phase delay components, acoustic-optical elements, infrared spectroscopy, laser applications and various custom products (wedges, plates, prisms, windows, etc.). The material compared to the competing materials shows very high indices of refraction and birefringence, higher values of acoustic-optical figure of merit and low velocity of elastic wave propagation. The cooperation sought is a technical cooperation agreement on joint research projects, where specification of the material properties in advance is needed. The cooperation sought is also a commercial agreement on technical assistance for that type of cooperation, where only an application of the delivered material from the Czech SME into the specific manufacturing or research application is satisfactory.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of the partner sought: Industry or research institutes and universities Role of the partner sought: Specification of the material properties and joint development of the desired new application based on the joint technical cooperation. Application of the delivered material from the Czech SME into the specific manufacturing or research application based on the commercial agreement with technical assistance.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Trade Marks
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