Irish manufacturer of exotic food ingredients suitable for food production and food services seeks distribution agreements in the United Kingdom and Europe

An Irish company produces and sells exotic food ingredients across Ireland, ranging from native flours. Looking for distribution agreements with importers, distributors and food producers in the United Kingdom and all European countries. The native flours consist of ranges from wheat grass, quinoa, whole lentil, black bean, sorghum, rice and white corn.
This is an Irish company specialising in nature nourishing ingredients producing a unique range of cereals sourced directly and ethically from the best locations giving exceptional quality and taste. Each product has its own story, which is the foundation of its benefits. This also leads to cutting edge health benefits given the naturalness of the origin. Established in 2016 the company have built up an impressive customer base in the domestic market. Heading up the production team is a dedicated entrepreneur, a key influence on the quality production they provide. The key to their success in the home market is driven by the growing popularity of healthy ingredients and food products as an alternative to the conventional mass produced options. They provide a range of native flours which consists of whole lentil flour, black bean, quinoa, white corn, chickpea, rice, pea, sorghum and precooked chickpea flour. This company has established themselves in their own domestic market. They now wish to export their range of nature nourishing foods to the United Kingdom and Europe. They are seeking importers, distributors and food producers operating in the food supply chain. Their option is to have separate agreements with sector specialist distributors with trading history and contacts. Equally with food producers a trading history with food retailers as their main contact list. Dual distribution would be considered.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
A company engaged in the distribution of food ingredients to the food services or food manufacturing sectors or a company engaged directly in food production for onward sale to food services and retail. A company engaged in both sectors would be considered. Any company considered must have a trading history within their chosen sector/s. The company will be granted exclusive distribution rights to the agreed sector.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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