An Israeli company that produces advanced medical devices for dental care is seeking distribution or commercial agency agreements by providing OEM products or with white/private label options.

This Israeli company has been developing, producing, and marketing high-quality medical devices for the dental care industry since 1987. Their unique line of products has distinguished the company in the dental device industry, and they have proven success with hundreds of thousands of apex locators sold worldwide. The company is interested in embarking on distribution or agency agreement to enhance the sales to the dental market.
The Israeli company is a leader in the dental device industry. The company introduces innovative technologies to bring new solutions to the market and change the way dental professionals treat their patients. Their range of proven and reliable implant and apex locator solutions supports faster, more accurate dental procedures that enhance both the professional's and patient's experience. The company has proven expertise and success in their field with direct sales to dealers worldwide, OEM & private label relationships with other leading companies, innovative technologies, and a wide range of products. The company's product line includes: • Wireless apex locator- a state-of-the-art apex locator system that incorporates advanced wireless Bluetooth technology. Apex locators are an electronic device that helps dentists determine the working length of the root canal space to be endodontized. The tool uses an electrical circuit to determine the location of the apical foramen, which is the opening of the root of a tooth. • A compact and lightweight apex locator- this takes up minimal space during treatment and provides dental professionals with all essential information supporting the procedure • Smart implant detector- an advanced electronic device that accurately locates dental implants covered by gum tissue The Israeli company aspires to create an international partnership(s) through a distribution or commercial agency agreement in the aims to gain a more significant global presence. The company has the capability of providing the dental industry with more innovative technologies and is searching for a partner(s) that can assist them with new avenues. Agreements can be made through a commercial agent with clients that are interested in OEM, or white and private-labeled products.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Israeli manufacturer of dental solutions is in search of a distribution service agreement or a commercial agency agreement to form partnerships to target general practitioner dentists, endodontists, implantologists, and prosthodontists. The distributor or agent will have access to the extensive portfolio of dental devices that the Israeli firm has to offer. The devices can be provided as white/private labeled as requested by the partner. A commercial agency agreement would be considered with agents who are related to the dental field who can target endodontic file and dental implant producers/manufacturers. The partnership opportunities would include those endodontic/dental implant producers to include the Israeli manufacturer's products/technology to their customers. The devices can be offered as white/private labeled as requested by the partner.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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The dental solutions company develops, manufactures, and distributes medical devices for dental professionals for more than 30 years. At any point in time, the company holds a wide range of products, spread over the product life cycle. Ranging from concept stage, through products under development, a product on launch phase, and products that are well established in the market.
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Patents granted
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