An Israeli conversion rate optimization company specializes in tailor-made R&D services for biotechnology industry and is looking for subcontracting or outsourcing agreements with start-ups and corporates

An Israeli conversion rate optimization company specializes in tailor-made R&D services. It focuses on the validation of early-stage projects and mechanism of drug action studies using numerous methodologies. Such methodologies include assay development, drug discovery, research histopathology, development of assays for compound screening, characterization of protein interactions, binding assays, and enzymatic activity assays. It is looking for a subcontracting or outsourcing agreement.
An Israeli biotech company provides research and development services to startups and pharmaceutical companies through a unique work model based on high-level researches providing customer-specific responses according to its requirements, depending on the project. The company focuses mainly on the feasibility of studies of due diligence projects, characterization of the mechanism of action of a drug describing functional or anatomical change at the cellular level (mode of action), and development of tailored tests to meet FDA (US food and Drug Administration) criteria and the EMA (European Medicines Agency) regulatory laws. The company's vision is based on finding creative solutions with out-of-the-box thinking and problem-solving for the customers that failed to find solutions elsewhere. The services of the company reflect the company's unique work model – combination between chemistry and biology, which increases research capabilities. The company provides services in three specialized research units. According to the customers’ needs and the specific project, the company assigns the most appropriate researcher or staff for the project. Biochemistry unit – the biochemical research focuses on: 1. perform experiments aimed at validation of seed and early stage projects. 2. Understanding the mechanism of action of drugs. Histology unit: The work scope of the histology unit includes solving the most challenging tasks in tissue structure research, with the majority of tests being in favor of cancer research. among the available services: • Expert guidance in the design of the studies. • Fixation, embedding and sectioning of tissue samples. • Routine and special histological staining. • In situ hybridization. • Immunohistochemistry. • Immunohistochemical profiling with commercially available and customized Tissue Multi Arrays. • Preclinical model studies. Image analysis and quantification are customized to the requirements of the individual project. Bioanalytical unit – This unit includes the following instruments: 1. High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) equipped with Triple-quadrupole tandem mass spectrometer, the gold standard for quantification of molecules in biological matrixes. 2. HPLC equipped with ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS) diode array, which enables 3D analysis of retention time vs. UV-VIS spectrum. 3. Plate reader (spectrophotometer + spectrofluorometer) – determination of full absorbance and 3D fluorescence spectrum of compounds. The combination of these analytical instruments with the company's extensive experience in bioanalytical and biochemical assay development allows it to expand their services and answer complex biological questions: The bioanalytical services available include: 1. Protein size exclusion analysis (SEC) 2. Detection and quantification of drugs in blood and tissue samples – pharmacokinetics. 3. Stability assays for drugs in different biological matrix (plasma, serum, cell medium etc.) 4. Kinetics of drug internalization into cells (cell lysate analysis). 5. Targeted metabolomics – monitoring levels of specific metabolites in cells, blood and tissues. 6. Any biochemical question that required monitoring of a specific molecule in complex environment. In addition to the instruments mentioned above, the company also has advanced devices which help to get the best test results, and to work the most professional way: • CLARIOStar spectrophotometer: the vast majority of biochemical experiments, whether cell-based or cell-free, are performed in plates. This plate reader allows a wide range of measurement methods such as fluorescence intensity, fluorescence, luminescence, absorbance, homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence, polarization. In addition, the device has two injectors that allow many automated manipulations. The company is looking for a subcontracting or outsourcing agreement, so it can have more resources, and get more clients.
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Type and Role of Partner Sought * Looking for start-ups, corporate VC early stage investors interested in early stage research and project validation. They are looking for an outsourcing agreement in order to expand the company's capacities and be able to gather more clients. They are also looking for subcontracting so that they could improve their productive capacity and be able to accommodate more clients. The company believes that a start-up, or corporate VC early-stage investors would be the ideal partner type on either of those positions so that they expand their reach alongside the company's, forming a stable partnership.
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