Israeli cyber intelligence company, with innovative tech solutions for Dark Web threat, seeks resellers for licence or commercial agency agreement

An Israeli cyber intelligence company, founded in 2014, has developed a unique technology that monitors and neutralizes cyber threats and leaks of sensitive information from the Dark Web. This technology monitors threats and predicts the risks based on the intentions of the threat factor. The company would like to expand its international activity by locating new partners as resellers for license or commercial agency agreements.
As personal and financial information is exposed online, it is certain that there will be those who will try to exploit the vulnerability of the vast and unprotected information that exists on the internet. Such threats usually originate in the Dark web. Online safety has become a major topic of concern for both the private and public sectors, with the need for constant, better products that will ensure the safety of employees, public figures and private citizens. The Israeli company provides an answer for Dark Web attacks and threats, but moreover, the system prevents it before it occurs. The company offers a fully automated software that will give the customers the ability to receive relevant information about threats, malware, frauds and many more malicious attempts of hackers to harm the safety of internet users. More functions of the system include the following: a. Data leaks- providing the customer an instant alert for any data being leaked. b. Phishing attempts- a quick identification of an imposter trying to impersonate a client. c. Fraud management- find and manage leaked credit cards of customers and also, investigate the root causes of the breach, history and take action to mitigate the issue. d. Malware detection- detection of malware before they are being deployed and detected by other security providers. The company currently work with both the private and public sectors, and would like to expend its protfolio in new markets. Working with the private sector will give banks, insurance companies, private companies and others the maximum security for their financial information and operations. The automated system will provide a simple and easy access to companies and individuals without them needing to worry about incoming threats. For the public sector, such highly developed software is useful for all government branches, military, defensive forces and more. The software will equip governments and armed forces with the ability to receive information and detect online threats on public domains, terror threats and dangerous, malicious attempts of acquiring illegal drugs and weapons in the dark web in early stages. The Israeli company is looking for new small and medium resellers with access to all markets, and specifically in Spain, Portugal and Latin America for license or commercial agency agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for intigrators and resellers for license or commercial agency agreement. The ideal partner is a SME offering tech solutions for the following clients/verticals: In the private sector banks, insurance, security, telecom, MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers), consulting and service as large accounting firms, retail and energy. In the governmental sector the company is looking for partners with contacts and clients such as intelligence and homeland security organizations, ministries, army and police forces.
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Already on the market
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