An Israeli international leader in quality spring production is looking for manufacturing agreements

An Israeli leading company in quality international spring production provides complete spring solutions and manufacturing abilities to fit clients’ needs. Currently, the company creates springs for various industries and offers individualized spring engineering services. It is looking for global partnerships in the form of a joint venture agreement, manufacturing agreement, outsourcing agreement or through subcontracting with German, Polish, Hungarian, USA or Indian companies.
This Israeli company has 75 years of experience in quality spring production, and has clients across global and industrial sectors. Their products include springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs, flat springs, and form springs. As a result of providing need-based spring solutions and manufacturing assemblies, the company currently has over 50,000 different spring specifications for companies in various industries such as, automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, irrigation, agriculture, cellular, telecom, electronics, electrics, locks and furniture. The most lucrative industry is the automotive industry, accounting for 40% of the company's turnover. The company’s advanced manufacturing machinery is among the top in the world: implementing intensive use of computerization in production control with an ERP management, along with a unique software system to define required features and develop them specifically for the needs of the customer. The company is looking for the following partners: • Manufacturers of spring’s based assemblies. • Supplier of springs for automotive and aviation industries worldwide • Joint venture with producers of gas springs and shock. The motivation of the company for seeking such partnerships include expansion to new domestic markets, new product development and an increase of products portfolio, developing markets for a new product, combining complementary R&D products/process technologies, acceleration of revenue growth, and the ability to increase profit margins. The company is looking to partner with a company located in Germany, Poland, Hungary, USA, or India.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking to enter a manufacturing agreement with a companies that specializes in spring based assembly production, production of gas springs, or complementary finishing processes on springs. The company is looking to outsource its current reliance on in-house production in order to expand globally. The company is also seeking a joint venture agreement with an international company to ensure efficient commercialization of their business concept, and to ease the company's expansion to new domestic markets.
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Already on the market
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Developing and manufacturing of Engine Valve Springs for leading OEM in Europe.
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Secret Know-how,Design Rights
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