An Israeli manufacturer of baked snacks is looking for an investor or a distributor to increase sales of it's portfolio of unique baked products.

The manufacturer is located in north-central Israel and manufactures a variety of baked snacks. The company has created a revolutionary snack, which is a pressed thin pretzel. The company is searching for a snack distributor with close ties to chain food markets to help promote and distribute its line of products. The company would also be interested in a financial agreement, where most of the investment would be used to further enhance marketing efforts.
The Israeli snack manufacturer was established in 1962 in Israel and became a major player in 1970. In 2000, the organization changed ownership and in 2011 changed its location, from Hod-Ha-Sharon to Or-Akiva. In 2012 the organization redeveloped its strategy and focused on innovation, not only by improving product outputs, but revolutionizing the nutritional value of a traditional pretzel snacks. In 2014, the manufacture decided to go global with distribution with their product line. The company specializes in the production of baked pretzel snacks, flat pretzel snacks, Italian grissini and grissini crumbs. At present – the products are sold in the North American market (USA & Canada), eastern markets, Australia and is strongly positioned in the Israeli market with approximately 20% of the market share. As part of the plan to gain larger market size of the snack food consumers, a new, healthier and innovative products are about to be introduced to the portfolio of the company. The new snacks are plant-based protein pretzels, baked, have a good source of protein, are high in fibber, and are low fat with no compromise on taste. After finishing most of the R&D work and product manufacturing process, the manufacturer is looking for an investor to put financial efforts into marketing. The desired outcome is to raise awareness of their products globally, particularly with the high-profit US markets, such as health food stores. The desired outcome is to sell a larger volume of products. This way, the investor can enjoy a high return on sales. At the same time, a strong distribution company would be considered for partnership, which they can help promote the product line. The distribution companies will enjoy a uniform price for the products, prices that will include the profit component, and will also receive a promotional budget that will facilitate the distribution process and penetrate the company's portfolio of products into the market.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Israeli firm is exploring the possibilities of a financial agreement in the form of a capital investment. The investor would have certain obligations financially, but will be less active from the manufacture's side yet enjoy the yield of the expenditure. The company will use the funds to enhance existing marketing to new markets and to develop and improve new products, such as plant based protein snacks. Further details will be discussed at more advanced stages. The Israeli snack company is also interested in partnering in a distribution agreement with a distributor in the snack and health food industry. The portfolio of snacks will be on offer to the distributor. The distributor has the task of finding and supplying new markets for the line of snacks.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Trade Marks
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