An Israeli manufacturer specialising in personal protection, load carriage tactical gear, and outdoor equipment, is looking for commercial agency or distribution agreement.

The company is located in northern Israel, where they remain as the country's largest tactical gear manufacturer and exporter. The sector activity is mainly outerwear, work wear, and apparel that are geared towards supplying government/military forces. This includes activity mainly in Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and Load Carriage (LC) and geared towards supplying government/military forces. The desired cooperation type would be a commercial agency or distribution agreement.
Founded in 1990 as an outdoor company, the Israeli tactical equipment manufacture also produces all the elements necessary for the end product. This includes aspects of these fields for both military and civilian activity: • Tactical gear- vests, uniforms, packs • Ballistic Panels (soft and hard) • Load carriage systems • Advanced combat uniforms (integrated personal protection) • Tactical flotation gear • Hydration systems/packs • Outdoor and hiking sandals All the products are manufactured in-house at their 7000 SQM ISO 9001 certified factory, located in northern Israel. Not only are these products a vital source for the IDF, but currently the company is selling its products to over 25 countries. The Israeli company is keen on endorsing a commercial agency agreement with an organization or individual that has knowledge representing tactical equipment to Departments of Defense (DOD), Ministry of Defense (MOD) and Ministry of Interior (MOI). The partner will have the task of expanding partnerships with military, or other constituted body of persons that are in need of the products presented by the Israeli manufacture. In regards to a distribution agreement, the Israeli company is looking to expand sales of their outdoor equipment/tactical products to the retail markets. The company has strong ties and responsibility to the community through promoting and enhancing the idea of a sustainable local economy. Each year 5% of their net profit is dedicated to social or environmental activities in the nearby community.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is in search of a commercial agency agreement, preferably with a firm or individual that has experience with relevant industries: protective, tactical, and outdoor gear. The partner is expected to expand the territory of it's' customers, in particular, and make connections in countries' department of defense (DOD), ministry of defense (MOD), and ministry of interior (MOI). It is beneficial that the potential partner already has existing contacts with these public sector organizations. The distribution service agreement, ideally with distributors that have experience in relevant industries listed above. The partner is expected to expand the territory of it's' customers through new or existing contacts to the public and private sectors.The partner will be expected to be able to distribute the products mentioned in the profile. The partner will be expected to promote and be committed to the company's brand and products.
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Already on the market
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Patents granted
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