The IT company from Republic of Srpska specialised in software development for logistics and communication sectors seeks distribution and commercial services agreements.

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A fast-growing software company from the Republic of Srpska is looking for representatives abroad under distribution and commercial services agreements. The company has several years of experience in developing, marketing and supporting different web and mobile applications for various clients.
The company is an international IT company, established in 2013, and it is engaged in the development of complex web and mobile applications, mainly based on open source technologies. Over time, from product-based business, the company’s focus turns on performing services of custom software development, and further growth was based largely on that basis. First of all, smaller websites based on WordPress CMS were our main occupation and after a while, since our experience, knowledge, and expertise has grown, the company started to do more serious mid-term projects. The company has established a very disciplined and responsible business model that has been recognized by customers around the world so the company managed to achieve successful long-term cooperation with many companies from the United States, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Austria, and Germany. Today, over 90% of the company business is transacted in these six countries, and also the company opened offices at Halmstad-Sweden and Chicago-USA besides HQ office in the Republic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The company has a team of 20+ young people capable to circle the complete software product development process, starting from the product discovery, up to the design, development, QA, and deployment. The company is focused on two main industries: logistics and communication. In these two fields, the company has the largest domain knowledge and practical experience, nevertheless, this is not the limit to future business adventures of the company. The company is mainly focused on product development in the true sense of the word. Usually, the company participates in the entire product development process, not just doing the technical part. Challenging the client’s idea at the very beginning of the process, understanding the core problem that is to be solved, doing user, market, and competition research to see how others solved this problem, performing multiple wireframing sessions to get the best UX (user experience) , are just some of the activities that the company does during the so-called “product discovery” process which precedes development phase. At the beginning of each process, together with clients, that are partners of the company, the company define the main KPIs (keys performance indicator) that are to be fulfilled and all attention is focused on achieving these indicators. Due to this result-oriented strategy on which the company grew to this point, it can be said that company is mainly focused on product development in the true sense of the word. The company has ISO 9001:2015 quality management certificate and, also, lots of other quality certificates that are proof of our dedicated and committed work, such as Scrum (different roles), ITIL service management standard, HFI Certified Usability Analyst (CUA), etc. The company are offered following services: 1. Development and maintenance of complex web and mobile software 2. Web services and mobile applications (Android & iOS) 3. UI (user interface)/UX (user experience)designer 4. Simple website design, development, and maintenance 5. Internet of Things project implementation The company covers the entire process of web or mobile development, which means that the company has the capacity for executing total projects in this area, ie. to provide the following roles in this process: 1. Project manager 2. Business analyst 3. System/software architect 4. UI (user interface)/UX (user experience)designer 5. Frontend web developer 6. Backend web developer 7. Mobile developer (Android and iOS) 8. Quality assurance expert 9. Business developer 10. Support/maintenance expert
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company seeks a partner which should be: • A marketing media enterprise or a software development company that is willing to act as a sales channel for the company. Based on the service portfolio partner must be able to contact the right companies with the right message, • This marketing media enterprise will have the opportunity to use all its communication channels to reach the prospective customers, AND • The enterprise must be able to reach candidates in the market for buying activities in the web and mobile application development (open source technologies for web development, Android and iOS for mobile development) AND/OR • SME looking for software development services, i.e. looking for a software development partner that can circle the complete software product development process
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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