Japanese company with expertise in sensor technology for usage in elderly care is looking for agents and distribution partners in the EU

A Japanese company specialised in sensor technology used for elderly care in nursing facilities is looking for partners in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. The potential partner should have an extensive knowledge of local elderly care market and ideally have access to potential users who are in shortage of caregivers. The company is aiming for a commercial agency or distribution agreement with potential partners.
This Japanese company established in 1975 is a leading manufacturer of security alarm products (remote monitoring, sensor, residential security, access control, video surveillance, and so on). They developed a solution for the elderly care field using their sensor technology, which has been cultivated over the years. The company’s new sensor can address problems that conventional monitoring systems for care recipients cannot solve. It enables caregivers to monitor the recipients’ behaviors through their silhouette images in order to prevent any accidents such as falling down from the bed. The solution has been used in nursing homes, short-term residential care facilities and hospitals in Japan and has been supporting not only many caregivers but also improved the quality of life for recipients of active care. The Japanese company would like to develop their market presence in the EU, especially in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. They are seeking partners with an extensive knowledge of elderly care markets, able to reach relevant customer networks. They want to work with potential partners under a distribution services or commercial agency agreement
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The company is seeking sales agents and distributors with extensive knowledge and customer networks in the elderly care market in Europe, especially in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden. Ideally, partners have access to potential end-users who are dealing with a shortage of caregivers and resulting struggles in the working environment. The company wants to work together with potential partners to identify end-users with these needs.
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