Japanese manufacturer of surgical instruments for the treatment of trigger finger is looking for distributors in the EU

A Japanese manufacturer active in the medical field for over two decades produces a re-usable surgical instrument that can be used in the treatment of trigger finger. Conventional instruments are usually immediately disposed of after usage, whereas the Japanese companies’ product can be re-used up to 300 times. The company is hoping to find a partner with connections to surgeons who can benefit from this product, and wants to establish distribution services agreements with EU partners.
This Japanese surgical instrument manufacturer established in 1968 has been active in the medical field since 1996. They are looking for partners which can distribute surgical instruments to EU markets under an exclusive or non-exclusive distributorship agreement. They are currently manufacturing and selling medical devices to both domestic and overseas customers as well as outsourcing to companies in Asia and Europe. The company developed a surgical instrument in joint collaboration with a Japanese surgeon. The product is used to treat trigger finger, and stands apart because it can be used repeatedly. Disposable devices with the same purpose are already prevalent worldwide, but those with repeatable use are rarely found. Disposable types are commonly used due to their high profile and low price. However, the Japanese company instruments can be used over 300 times if used appropriately. This means introducing this instrument can reduce overall costs significantly. Only the needle (18G), which is a component of the instrument set, is disposable. The company is also currently developing a unique needle to be used in combination with the instrument set scheduled to release in August 2020. Internationally, the company has experience outsourcing medical products and components to Asian and European partners, and is exporting their products to customers in Greece, Puerto Rico and China. The Japanese company wants to form a close relationship with potential partners in the form of distribution services agreements. Partners will be provided with pamphlets for sales promotion, and they can also count on the Japanese companies’ support for product promotion at exhibitions held in the EU. Furthermore, the Japanese company can also introduce surgeons that have experience using the instrument, allowing partners and their network to clarify questions and for assistance mastering the correct procedures.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The potential partner the Japanese company is looking for should be a distributor that has sales experiences in the medical devices industry. They should also have contacts with relevant medical communities such as hospitals, medical universities or medical doctors, specifically, orthopedic surgeons. Their instrument is proven to guarantee safe, easy and accurate trigger finger surgery. Potential partners should distribute the Japanese companies’ product in their domestic market under exclusive or non-exclusive distributorship agreements, whichever would be considered suitable given the local conditions and partners’ capabilities.
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