Japanese patented technology for fundamental mechanism of peristaltic pumps

This Japanese firm is looking for partners in the EU interested in a patent related to the mechanism of peristaltic pumps. The offered technology greatly reduces the fatigue of these pumps, increasing the longevity and reliability in applications such as medical devices and clinical usage, while also being usable in emergency care. The technology is offered under a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance, a license agreement, and a technical cooperation agreement.
A Japanese firm is seeking companies in the EU who are interested in a patented technology. The offered technology is related to the fundamental mechanism of peristaltic pumps. The main feature of peristaltic pumps is their non-contact to the liquid handled by the pump. However, the tube through which the liquid moves can get fatigued due to the mechanical pressing force. As a result the flow rate of the pumped liquid changes in time and the life-span of the pump is limited by the mechanical strength of the tube. The patented pump has no such weakness in its pumping mechanism, assuring a constant flow rate and long lifespan. The technology and the data that justify the technology is based on engineering tests of the actual pumping mechanism. Possible applications are medical infusion pumps, colour mixing pumps and biochemical processing tools that require liquid handling without any contamination. The technology was developed to improve conventional medical infusion pumps. Target partners are manufacturing companies looking for new technology to implement within their products. Therefore the end-goal is for the technology to be transferred to manufacturers who will benefit from the patent. The technology transfer is offered under the terms of a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance, a license agreement, and a technical cooperation agreement. The Japanese company is ready to provide technical assistance and proactively work together with the EU partner.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Japanese company is looking for an industrial or technological partner of any type and size interested to license the technology. Ideally the partner should have the necessary know-how to benefit from the usage of this technology. The main application of the products produced using the technology will be medical, bio-, pharmaceutical and scientific equipment. The patent can be licensed out to potential EU partners after which the partners take care of the technology application and possible commercialization. However, closer forms of cooperation are also welcomed for example by closely cooperating in the development of products, and by providing additional technical assistance.
Stage of Development: 
Field tested/evaluated
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
The Japanese company has already found a Japanese medical device manufacture who can design and make prototypes from the patented design. They have quoted man power and developing terms and costs.
IPR Status: 
Patents granted
Comments Regarding IPR Status: 
Patented in Germany, France and the United Kingdom through the European Patent Convention. Also patented in Japan and the US.
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