A Japanese producer of hydraulic pumps competitive for their light weight and compactness is looking for distribution partners in the EU

This Japanese hydraulic pump producer is the leading manufacturer in its domestic market, and has been selling its products for over half a century. The company products are lighter than competitors, portable and of compact size. Their pumps are used for a large variety of applications, and they hope to sign distribution services agreements with EU partners who can reach end-users that can benefit from their pumps.
A Japanese hydraulic pump manufacturer is seeking distribution partners in the EU. The company established its current position by selling hydraulic pumps in its domestic market for over half a century. To expand their business, they are targeting EU markets where they currently do not have an extensive network. The company produces high pressure (70Mpa, 700Bar) hydraulic pumps in Japan. They have 40 types of pumps, which range from small sizes for hydraulic tools to industrial use. They are also able to customize hydraulic pump units for end-users where necessary. The pumps have a range of possible applications depending on size: - Small pumps are used with hydraulic cutters, presses, jack ups, spreaders, lifters, and crump at factories on-site. - Industrial pumps are used at food factories, automobile factories, and heavy construction sites. The company is at this point in time the leading manufacturer of hydraulic pumps in Japan. Over the past 68 years they have acquired wide-ranging knowledge in a large variety of industries and is able to provide solutions for the cylinders, presses, valves, pullers and tools used in various applications. For example, large Japanese automakers use their pumps as a hydraulic power source for jacking up, wire cutting, pressing steel and so on at their factories. Their pumps are also widely used for replacement and pulling old water pipes at homes, offices, and factories. Sesame and camellia oil manufacturers also use a hydraulic oil press to expel oil, which is the conventional method. In Denmark, their products are chosen as a hydraulic power source for changing wind powered propellers. In the EU the company is looking for partners with connections to similar sectors as their current domestic market. They want to engage in a distribution services agreement with potential partners and pro-actively work together with potential EU partners, providing items that are the best solution for the end-users. The Japanese company is willing to provide various kinds of support for partners. For example, dispatching staff when participating in exhibitions, providing English catalogues, training local staff in repair methods, and being reliable in promptly sending after-care parts where necessary. In addition, they can adjust machine’s colour and specifications based on the end-users needs.
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The Japanese company is looking for a distributor with experience in machine tools, especially hydraulics, with a large network in the EU. They are hoping to reach end-users in sectors similar to those in their domestic market. Specifically, they are looking for local distributors dealing with hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic jacks, hydraulic cutters, hydraulic presses, hydraulic torque wrenches, hydraulic spreaders, and hydraulic pipe benders. This large variety of applications is the reason why it is desirable for partners to understand the possible applications of hydraulics and their potential in the EU market.
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