A Japanese SME is providing design verification services for the semiconductor industry in the EU under subcontracting and agency agreements

This Japanese venture company from Tokyo has been providing design verification services since 2003. Their domestic customer base is mainly in the semiconductor industry, where they have an edge compared to competitors due to their large team of highly skilled engineers. They wish to expand their market and work together with partners in the EU by approaching relevant industries in the form of subcontracting and agency agreements.
A Japanese venture company located in the Tokyo metropolitan area has been providing design verification services for the semiconductor industry in Japan since 2003. Their service is used to verify the clients’ design of Large-Scale Integrated Circuit (LSI) for various kinds of markets, including consumer electronics, infrastructure and automotive. In order to reach their strategic goals for international expansion, the management is currently looking for intermediaries within the EU. The company is looking for partners with strong technical backgrounds who are able to promote and sell engineering services with high need of detailed explanation. Ideally, potential partners have an established network of contacts within the target industries, which are producers of semiconductors, robotics and automotive, to name a few. Preferably potential partners will act as design service providers or Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tool vendors who will promote the company’s value-added functional safety service alongside their own business offerings to EU customers under a commercial agency agreement. It is also possible to establish a direct cooperation with end-users through a subcontracting agreement. The Japanese company will proactively share their technological knowledge with the partner to ensure a smooth collaboration.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Japanese company is looking for EU partners that will function as a trade intermediary, acting as a sales partner under a commercial agency agreement. The partners should have a strong technical background and be willing to promote the service on the EU market. As there is a need to give technical consultancy on site to the customer, potential partners should also be capable of dispatching personnel to meet with local customers on-site. Furthermore, the Japanese company is also looking for end-users to subcontract their services to. This can be arranged through an intermediary with the above-mentioned expertise, or directly to the end-users.
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