A Korean company is looking for a commercial agent and / or distributor for wireless backhaul (telecommunications) equipment

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A Korean company specialized in developing and selling of wireless communication device is offering two types of backhaul equipment that can be applied in times of disaster. 1. A backpack-type mobile base station with wireless backhaul equipment 2. TV white space equipment The company is open to discuss a cooperation opportunity with a potential agent or distributor who can also provide after-sales services to their customers.
At present, urban citizens enjoy convenience of being easily connected to each other by a well-established telecommunication network in the urban areas. However, during the time of unpredicted disaster like the typhoon, floods, or hurricanes, communication infrastructure can be damaged which could lead to a major communication interruption. In addition, mountainous and rural areas have poor network connection with only a few established infrastructures due to its geographical limitation. To solve this problem, a Korean company that is specialized in the development of wireless communication technologies has developed two types of backhaul equipment. (* Wireless backhaul refers to the transmission of network data over an alternative wireless route when the normal route is unavailable or overtaxed) The first equipment is a backpack-type mobile base station (backpack PS-LTE (Public Safety-Long-Term Evolution) with a wireless backhaul device. It restores communication abilities during times of major disaster via portable base station for field agents. It supports TV white space and satellite by backhaul even with subscriber section being PS-LTE mode. It is user-friendly with touch-LCD and Web-UI(user interface). Cognitive radio technology is applied to this portable base station. This technology applies TV white space for a wireless backhaul service which leads to the company’s second product, TV white space backhaul device. The high power TV white space backhaul device provides coverage for long distances of more than 8km with the low power version covering shorter distances around 1.5km. Users can easily control the device by its user-friendly design. This device delivers information in challenging conditions (i.e. disaster, public facilities, sea sides, islands, and mountainous regions) by combining various applications such as smart phones, NMS(network management system) servers, NVR (network video recorder) connection and ubiquitous sensor combinations. It can also apply 2x2 MIMO (multilple-input Multilple-output), cognitive radio, 6 MHz/12 MHz bandwidth selective technology. Under the distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement, the company wishes to cooperate with the local distributor and/or commercial agent, especially those who are dealing with telecommunication equipment and are interested in providing wireless backhaul equipment to the government procurement market. Potential partners are required to provide installation and other after-sales services to their customers under the services agreement.
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Type of partner: company Specific area: Telecommunication equipment, wireless backhaul device Role: distribution services agreement, commercial agency agreement and services agreement
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Patents granted,Trade Marks
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