A Korean company with portable massage devices for blood circulation is seeking for a distributor

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A Korean SME has developed a massage device that supports blood circulation. This product is portable with built-in batteries, based on its lightweight. So it is easy to carry for traveling or use in daily life. It has wave motion by rotation axis instead of air pressure, which feels like a real message from the specialized therapist. This company wants to have partners for distributing this product into the European market.
A Korean company with an experience of global cooperation has developed a massage device that could be wearable on calves. This product is a portable Sequential Compression Devices(SCD) which can improve blood circulation by pressing calves. The device is similar to the massage from a specialized therapist. This product can be operated during charging. Furthermore, setting the speed and period of massage could be possible. This device has OLED display which could support users to check the status directly including the battery status. The band for fixing the device on calves is soft and air-permeable, so it reduces discomfort with long-term use. This company wants to search distributors who are directly linked with the market of home healthcare appliance.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
A Korean SME wants to find distributors in the European market. Partners who are already in the field of home healthcare appliance, especially for massagers, would be preferred. This company desires to cooperate with distributors who have direct connections to providers of healthcare goods for home appliance.
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