A Korean company is searching for distributors or research facilities that can apply its attention recovery training system, also capable of identifying early symptoms of ADHD

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The SME is located in South Korea, at a special area designated for national R&D projects. The company has developed an attention recovery training system, incorporating visual tracking and sound interlocking technology for people with attention or cognitive impairment, or those at risk of cognitive decline. It is also effective on critically ill patients who cannot use their body. The company is seeking partners to license this product or co-develop this product for other applications.
The company is a South Korean SME which develops programs related to digital therapeutics. The technology of the company is a digital therapeutics product which includes an advanced software as a medical device that provides evidence-based therapeutic interventions to prevent, manage, and treat certain diseases or disorders. It can be used independently or combined with other drugs and machines for treatment. Globally, the smart healthcare industry has entered a market growth phase with smart phones and IoT-based wearable devices, and various types of smart healthcare products and services that combine biotechnology and information and communication technology are being launched. The size of the global smart healthcare market, which stood at USD 21 billion in 2014, is expected to grow by about 4.8 times to USD 101.5 billion in 2020. The healthcare digital market size is expected to grow rapidly at an average annual rate of 20% from USD 1.74 billion in 2016, and the market size is expected to increase by about 5 times in 2025. In addition, as healthcare-related institutions are integrated and patient-centered care is actively promoted, the demand for digital therapeutics is also expected to increase. The main application of this technology is IT-based medical care and smart healthcare. It is possible to develop educational contents for children through use in schools or public institutions related to education. This technology has been developed by combining not only general pc and tablet pc but also VR. The target users for the technology are patients with cognitive disorders with reduced attention, patients with high risk of cognitive decline, children with ADHD, and anyone looking to increase their concentration. Compared to the existing 1:1 program, this technology enables one therapist to control multiple PCs, empowering them to train multiple patients at the same time. Therefore, by providing the effect of 1:N treatment through the cognitive rehabilitation system, it is possible to resolve regional disparities through standardization and reducing labor costs in hospitals and reducing social costs. Social benefits are: improving the performance of cognitive rehabilitation programs; and resolving the gap in benefits for cognitive rehabilitation treatment
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The company is mainly looking for 2 types of partners: 1. Distributors or licensing partners that can distribute the product at the local market of the partner. 2. Research cooperation partners that can apply the product in a cooperative research.
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Already on the market
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