A Korean manufacturer of optical communication components is offering optical interrogator for good maintenance of a safe power system under distribution services and commercial agency agreement

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A Korean company specialized in manufacturing optical communication components, has developed an optical interrogator that is applied in power plants for a safe and preventive maintenance. The company is looking for partners that provide civil engineering, safety consulting and monitoring services under distribution services and commercial agency agreement.
With a rapid industrialization and increase in economic standard in Korea, energy usage has increased abruptly. Since modern society relies highly on the energy, any accident of electric power could bring enormous economic loss. Therefore, a continuous monitoring system for electric power facilities should be established to prevent any accidents. (Item for monitoring : current transformer, voltage transformer, temperature, partial discharge, displacement, vibration, gas) There are many reasons for the breakdown of electric power facilities and one of which is fire due to overheating of the machine which could lead to explosion. Therefore, checking of overheating status and preventive maintenance through the temperature monitoring is necessary. Recently, accidents in the electric power facilities are happening frequently due to the overuse of the electricity and worn-out facilities, and the absence of accurate measuring/monitoring system. Therefore, a Korean company that was established in 2006, has developed optical interrogator which can monitor electric power facilities in real time. Optical interrogators are already being sold in the market, but there are only few players and most of them offer high- cost products which is around 20,000 $ to 25,000 $ for one device. On the other hand, this company’s product is made of all-fiber technology and has simple structure and stable operation (polarization, temperature, vibration) with high-speed measurement. The product components include fiber coupler, fiber filter for interrogation and detector. Furthermore, compared to the conventional products, it is smaller in size and has affordable price. Aside from using the product in monitoring the power system, this can be used in monitoring steep slope land which prevents landslides. Another application would be monitoring structural safety of tall buildings and big-scale civil engineering projects and geological investigation and monitoring. The company is looking for partners that offer services in civil engineering, safety consulting and monitoring of buildings, electric power system, tunnels, lands and etc. The Types of cooperation sought are under distribution services and commercial agency agreement.
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- Type of partner sought: companies - Specific area of activity of the partner : Civil Engineering, safety monitoring company - Task to be performed : Distribution & Commercial agency
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Available for demonstration
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Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted
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1 patent granted in Year 2018. 3 patents applied, but not yet granted 2 Patents applied in the US and China
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