Korean manufacturer of water purifiers and water softeners seeks distributors or agents

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This Korean company’s water purifier and softener use an eco-friendly CDI (Capacitive De-Ionization) technology to control mineral levels in water. This company is the first to commercialize the CDI technology in Korea, of which only 10 other companies in the world possess. Thanks to the technology, its items are energy and cost efficient with high recovery rate. It hopes to make commercial agency, distribution services, manufacturing or outsourcing agreements with potential global partners.
The 21st century is the age of active longevity, where life spans have been extended and where active steps can be taken to prevent the spread of disease or infection. As part of this new health paradigm, people’s interest in hygiene and sterilization has increased in a global scale. However, still, in many different countries around the world, there have always been occurrences of infectious diseases that cause serious problems. In order to prevent them from happening, sanitary processes have been thoroughly organized and strictly controlled in various industries, including the water industry. Due to many serious diseases caused by harmful solids(ions) in water, companies in the water treatment industry have come up with different methods to sanitize drinking water. Generally, conventional water purifiers and softeners de-ionize water using RO(Reverse Osmosis) process, which not only needs high pressure for the liquid to pass through the membrane filters, but also uses hazardous chemicals to remove salt(ion) in the water. However, a Korean company with a global network from USA, Italy, Australia to Asian countries, like India, China, Japan and Vietnam, has produced a water purifier with a different purification system, which purifies water with low-pressure energy, preventing users from frequent membrane replacements. All the more, unlike conventional water purifiers, the company’s purifiers do not use separate chemicals to remove salt. Even without using a separate additive, the company’s water purifier still shows a high rate of salt removal, up to 95%. Also, as the company’s water purifier is operated with low pressure but under stable DC(Direct current) voltage by using bipolar electrode, it has low energy consumption with high recovery rate of 90%. This is one of the advantages of its purifier, as it can be used even in countries like India and Iran, suffering from water shortages. Moreover, by not exposing electrodes during the purifying process, it ensures electrical safety for industrial users in areas such as the plating industry, schools(for drinking water) and the sewage treatment plants. Due to its safeness, the purifiers can also be used at homes for drinking water, washing machines, dish washer and etc. Now, this Korean company hopes to expand its business in a global scale through following partnerships as mentioned below, with different companies and facilities in need or use of purified water. The company’s sought partnership types and expectations according to the partnership are as follows: -Commercial Agency Agreement: The Korean company hopes to find companies wishing to represent its water purifier and softener in partner’s domestic market. -Distribution Services Agreement: The Korean company offering to manufacture and export its products and is looking for a distributor that can sell its products in the partner’s domestic market. -Manufacturing Agreement: The Korean company is offering to manufacture water purifiers and softeners for export, under partner’s requests and needs. -Outsourcing Agreement: The Korean company is offering to outsource its water purifier parts for the partnering company to use for its manufacture.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Any types of companies, organizations or facilities in need of water purifier/softener
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Already on the market
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Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted
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Korean patent granted USA, EU, PCT patents applied but not yet granted
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