A Korean manufacturing SME is looking for a distribution partner or commercial agency for the PV-based power supply and storage system for an off-grid environment.

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A Korean SME has developed a PV-based power supply and storage system for small-scale power demand in unreliable-grid or off-grid such as camping cars, shelters, public service facilities, outdoor activity locations. The company is looking for partners under the distribution agreement or commercial agency agreement.
Electricity is indispensable for modern life, even in an off-grid or at independent facilities separated from the power grid where a stable power supply is not available. To gain access to reliable electricity in off-grid locations, the Korean company has developed a PV-based power supply and storage system that can be easily installed in an off-grid environment, such as remote public service facilities or outdoors. The developed product is provided in two types: - Starter pack consists of a solar panel and a main system battery pack. - Expansion pack with an additional solar panel and battery pack for expansion installation. The product has the following features as below. Power generation & storage capacity: • A 60W monocrystalline PV panel is included in the starter pack. • Expendable power generation capacity up to 240W by adding 2 pcs of 120W PV Panels. • Max storage capacity is 1,024wh with 512Wh*N by adding battery packs (The storage capacity can be extended as much as the user needs by adding battery packs). • When connected to the on-grid, battery pack charging gets activated when the photovoltaic energy generation is not available. Battery pack: • 12.8V, 40Ah LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery pack is included in the starter pack and the battery pack is expandable by adding an extra one. • Easy to replace when the battery packs are needed to be exchanged. Power supply or charging: • DC 5V 2 ports including 1 USB port for mobile device quick charging with max 2Ah output in total. • DC 12V 2 ports with max. 10Ah output in total. • DC 24V 2 ports including 1 port for the solar street lights supporting auto turn-on, turn-off, and dimming at sunrise and sunset, with max 15Ah output in total. Installation: • Selection of vertical, horizontal surface and pole mount are available according to the user's need and condition of the installation site. • Adjustable bracket for the solar panel is included to maximize energy output by changing the angle to face the sun. Product protection: • IP 66 certified. • Wind resistance of up to 50m/s when installed. • Sanded and anodized aluminium enclosure and installation brackets to prevent it from corrosion. • Airtight housing built by aluminium enclosures, gasket seal closures, and ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) covers. • Ribs of aluminium enclosures widening surface area for easy dissipation of internal heat. The Korean SME is now seeking a distribution partner or commercial agency to sell PV-based power supply and storage systems.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
- Type of partner sought: Company - Specific area of activity of the partner: OGS (Off-Grid Solar) products providers or corporations looking for a small scale solar powered ESS (Energy Storage System) - Task to be performed: 1. Distribution Korean company’s solution with marketing and promotion strategy and provision of services to users, when necessary, under a distribution services agreement. 2. Directly selling the product at a market through a commercial agency agreement.
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