A Korean SME is seeking for distributors of their carbon imaging tables and plates for hospitals

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This company is specialized in combining carbon materials and hospital equipment for manufacturers of imaging plates and tables for hospital. This current product that they developed is made with carbon material; therefore, it is lightweight with high levels of performance.The transmittance of radiation is improved with high quality of the radiographic image. This company wants to have a partnership with distributors in Europe who are closely linked to hospitals with offices for radiography.
This Korean SME develops and manufactures equipment that combine advanced materials, particularly in relation to carbon materials and bio-healthcare since it was established in 2016. With carbon materials, this company manufactures imaging plates and tables for hospital. Carbon materials are lighter than existing common materials for similar kinds of products. Furthermore, these have high level of radiolucency with reduction of exposure from radiation while they help in obtaining images with high quality. The imaging tables can be operated into 4 kinds of movement such as: - lifting(height adjustment): moving 450mm between 620mm and 1020mm - pro-back driving: ±12 degrees - left-right rotation: ±15 degrees - tilting This company is looking for a a distributing partner who is closely connected with hospitals especially which have diagnostic imaging centers including radiography in Europe. The Korean SME and European partner can work together with a distribution services agreement.
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This company wants to have a partner who is in the healthcare industry. All sizes of companies are welcomed. This company wants to have a partnership with companies which are expertised to distribute healthcare devices to hospitals. Companies which are closely linked with radiographic centers of hospitals are expected.
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