Latvian company is offering wastewater treatment and products for wastewater treatment projects under manufacturing agreement, as well offers subcontracting services for stainless steel products manufacturing

Latvian engineering and manufacturing company offers modern wastewater treatment technologies and products to potential partners whose activities focus on the implementation of such projects with application of equipment, plants, their installation and/or service and maintenance. Also for the partners who are providing stainless steel made engineering-based products for customers and are is looking for subcontractors. The manufacturing or subcontracting agreements could be implemented.
Activities of the company has been dedicated to decentralized wastewater management since 1991. The premium line of its own developed products, all stainless steel made, starting with single piece of equipment till fully integrated plug-and-play systems represent extremely compact and effective solutions for domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater management. The company has produced 1400 wastewater treatment plants for different applications in 24 countries. The plants range is from 1 up to 20 000 m3/day serving from 5 up to 100 000 people. List of implemented projects for reference available upon request. As a process designer and manufacturer, the Latvian company does not work directly with customers but through the partners. Partner on a particular territory launches solutions, participates in tenders, provides engineering for wastewater treatment plant tie-in equipment mounting, commissioning, technical support, service, and, in some cases, operation. Latvian company provides training and certification for partners' specialists. For that reason, the partner must have the appropriate organizational and technical resources including a team of specialists for projects implementation. As well as producing its own developed products, the company offers subcontracting in stainless steel products manufacturing. Standing out with a personalized and detailed approach to every single project starting from manufacturing custom replacement parts to assemblies and to complete unit production lines. For wastewater treatment projects company is open for collaboration under manufacturing agreement. For stainless steel products manufacturing company is looking for manufacturing/subcontracting agreements.
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The partners sought: - must have the appropriate organizational and technical resources and a team of specialists for projects implementation; - to do product launching, marketing and other sales activities on the market; - to do installation, start-up, and commissioning works or their supervision after they have been trained and certified by the company. Fulfillments of the above requirements give partners net prices for the equipment, exclusive of any sales margins. The company prefers experienced, professional, solvent partners. The company is open for collaboration under manufacturing and/or subcontracting agreements.
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