A Latvian company specializing in creating and manufacturing metal and wood constructions is looking for cooperation with businesses of all sizes, governments, and municipalities under manufacturing agreement

The company based in Latvia, Liepaja offers manufacturing of various products made from metal and wood. It specializes in creating waste container storage spaces. Other products made from metal and wood depending on the client’s needs like benches, tables, sheds, tiny houses, garden offices, and many more types of constructions also is offered. Company is interested in establishing a long-term cooperation in a form of manufacturing agreement.
The company based in Latvia, Liepaja, has been working in the industry of metal and woodworks for almost 4 years. Company specializes in the creation of waste container storages, small movable office spaces of various sizes depending on the client’s needs. The company is currently actively supplying local businesses, governments, house and building management companies with their constructions. Latvian enterprise constantly modernizes and improves both - production processes and designs. The company is looking for business partners in the form of businesses of any size, governments, municipalities as well as house associations to work under manufacturing agreements to provide products based on required sizes and units. Price and delivery time depends on the quantity and materials used for a specific order. Entering new markets will allow company to expand existing customer base and develop business which will increase available workspaces and will provide new job. The company would like to cooperate with partners from Europe.
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A Latvian company is looking for cooperation under the manufacturing agreement with government institutions, local municipalities, house and building management companies, other businesses interested in such constructions. Company is ready to manufacture various metal and wood constructions for dumpster storage, furniture, small office spaces and other products that they can agree on, as well as parts for restoration and repair of constructions made of metal and wood.
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