A Latvian producer of sensory educational toys offers its products under distribution services, manufacturing agreement and/ or subcontracting

The Latvian company is a manufacturer of wooden sensory educational toys for babies. The products are based on Montessori toy principles, so they are essentially important in the development of children as personalities. The company is looking for cooperation under distribution services agreement, manufacturing agreement and/ or subcontracting.
The company designs and manufactures sensory educational toys for children starting from the age of 5 months up to 5 years since 2016 and over the years has developed a large variety of toys. Each item is produced from high-quality Eco Plywood A-class and carefully checked. The products are natural, ecological, safe, does not contain harmful impurities, some of them are painted with non-toxic paint. The products are based on Montessori toy principles, so it helps babies and infants to develop fine motor skills, logical thinking, memory, mindfulness and creativity. They are shaped in the form of animals (owl, hedgehog, rabbit, etc.) thus make them more attractive to children and gives positive emotions. The company is looking for business partners such as retailers and wholesalers with experience in distribution and selling toys to cooperate under distribution services agreement The company is also ready to offer production of toys under manufacturing agreement or subcontracting for manufacturers of toy and educational materials.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for distributors of educational toys that could be retail chains, wholesalers, supermarkets, online stores with experience in the distribution and sale of toys. The company is willing to start long-term co-operation under distribution services agreement. The company is also looking for the partners under the frame of manufacturing agreement or subcontracting. The potential partners could be the companies willing to subcontract manufacturing of educational toys.
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Already on the market
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