A leading Israeli company is looking for distributors for its innovative finger protection kit for doors

A leading Israeli company, in the field of plastic manufacturing, has developed an innovative anti-finger trapping product. The door fitting is a simple and economical safety measure, particularly in situations where children or the elderly could sustain finger trapping injuries. The company is looking for a distribution agreement for the innovative product.
An Israeli company operating in the field of plastic manufacturing since 1965 has developed an innovative anti-finger trapping product. The fitting door is a very easy safety measure to help reduce the risk of sustaining a finger trapping injury.The featured product is a safety feature, that has no impact on the door's functionally, but provides full protection in case fingers are trapped. It works by occluding the gap that is relevant to any common door when it is being opened or closed. Nurseries, schools, care homes, local authorities and similar public bodies create a safer environment, enhance their reputations and guard against potentially costly and disruptive injury claims. The product is produced from PVC with two aluminium profiles to connect to the door hinges by 3M adhesive strips or by screw, and is provided in a kit which enables the buyers to install it very easily. The product works to block fingers from being trapped in doors with a physical buffer. The product is approved by the Israeli Standard Institute (SII) according to Standard 6185, which includes 100,000 time banding cycles and penetration test. The product is tested and approved by a formal standard. SII is an affiliate of the European Committee for Standardization. In addition, it has a unique and decorative texture in the sense that it can be suitable for any door design, and its price is the very cost effective for facilities with a multitude of doors, while providing a long lasting product. The company specializes in developing and adapting profiles for special applications as well as manufacturing profiles in co-extrusion. The company manufactures edge banding, decorative edge banding, wood-grain edge banding, and t-mold edging for the furniture industry Currently, the item design is being used in key facilities in Israel and have found them to be effective in cost, application, and aesthetically. Sectors that are using the product are: educational institutes , public offices , door manufacturers. The company is looking for importers or distributors that are interested in the innovative product of safety solutions in order to establish a distribution agreement in the public or private sector.The motivation behind seeking new partners is to establish a new customer base abroad through collaboration(s).
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The company is looking for importers or distributors of safety solutions, operating in one of the following sectors: schools, hotels, kinder gardens, cinema, public offices, shelters, etc., or manufacturers of doors, interested in the innovative product. The partner should have their own distribution network capable of selling the product to all possible end-users, either to wholesale and retail channels. The partner will be responsible for marketing and promoting the item to all possible sectors.
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