Licensee sought for a machine producing special 3D textiles

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A Czech university has developed a machine that produces 3D nonwovens with various sizes of layers; from thin (0,5-2 mm) to thick (7-15 mm). Additional layers (nanowires, papers, plastics, metal foils, etc.) can be added simultaneously. End products include namely filters but can be adapted also for insulations or sorbents. The university is looking for partners interested in further development based on technical cooperation and for companies interested in production under a license agreement.
A machine developed by the researchers from the Czech university is intended mainly for manufacturing of specialized multilayer - folded 3D fabrics. Such fabrics might be used for producing filters especially for filtering gases and liquids. The unique machine enables production of special products to filter air, water and oil and is in comparison with competitive technologies characterized by higher absorption and therefore higher efficiency. Multiple filter layers also enable control and setting of the filtration process. In comparison with machines produced by the competitors, the design of the machine allows to insert several different materials such as textile, paper, film (including nanolayers), which leads to gradual layers´ fixation and creation of 3D structure made of these materials. The manufacturing process also allows to add layers containing various powders, including nanopowders. Products can be manufactured from two or more layers in a single process step. The inner layer may be e.g. plastic foil, aluminium foil, layer of nanofibres etc. In addition, it is possible to reinforce the surface of the product, again, in a single process step. Principle of technology lies in the vertical stacking of the incoming semi-product (nonwoven textile) and subsequent fixation of the structure. Fixation of the structure is mechanical with possibility to be combined with heat. As an incoming semi-product (nonwoven textile) can be used, e.g., heat-bonded nonwoven fabrics, needle punched nonwovens (classic and water-jet), weaving nonwovens (containing fleece), spun-bond with a low degree of calendering. Technical applications of the output products are in the areas of acoustic insulation in the automotive, filtration media and special filters, absorbent cores, seals, vibration control, carpet pads, gaskets etc. The university offers a licence for manufacturing the machine based on the licensing agreement as the university is not a manufacturer. The university is also looking for partners interested in further development of the machine in order to develop applications in nanofiber, filtration and/or sorbents (application prevent bio-contamination etc.) based on technical cooperation agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of partner sought: industry Specific area of activity of the partner: Manufacturer of air filtration, manufacturer of soundproofing, manufacturer of textile machines Task to be performed by the partner sought: In the case of licensing agreement: Acquiring a licence for manufacturing the machine In the case of technical cooperation agreement: Joint further development and adaptation of the machine for applications in nanofiber, filtration and/or sorbents (application prevent bio-contamination etc.).
Stage of Development: 
Prototype available for demonstration
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Prototype available in the university laboratory.
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Patents granted
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Two European patents granted and other two patents granted in the Czech Republic.
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