Lithuanian construction company seeks partners in Sweden to work under subcontracting agreement.

A Lithuanian company that carries out all construction and reconstruction work projects and is looking for partners in Sweden for interior and exterior finishing works. Possible projects of: installation of building foundations, walls, ceilings, roofs, partitions, stairs, windows, and doors. As well, planting, paving and other landscaping work. Possible cooperation under subcontracting agreements where Lithuanian company takes part of a workload.
The company has been established 2013 and is based in Lithuania. The company provides a wide range of construction works. The directions of the company's business portfolio consists of: - Wall painting and ceiling painting, wall preparation, slicing, wall leveling and ceiling leveling, ceiling wallpapering fiberglass, vinyl, textile and non-woven wallpaper insulation of internal walls with wool, or polystyrene foam works between the carcass. Ceiling preparation for installation of metal profiles and installation of OSB panels on the prepared frame. Installation of finishing corners, installation of edging painting. Puttying, priming and scrubbing. - Plasterboard installation. Floor concreting, partition concreting, parquet laying, parquet varnishing, laminate installation, tiling. Floor priming and waterproofing installation, installation of partition frame, installation of wooden partitions, installation of metal partitions and of metal frame. - Outdoor finishing work. Home insulation wool, or foam polystyrene works. Outdoor facade treatment with siding or facade forging with siding, treatment with decorative plaster. Exterior door installation and interior door installation, window installation and opening processing. Window sill installation, processing external waterproofing installation (roll, mixture). Installation of outdoor walls from thermal profiles. Installation of bored foundations. Foundation installation, foundation grating installation. Installation of concrete floors. Masonry of walls, masonry of building walls. - Roof construction installation. - Landscaping, yard, garden, lawn planting works. Laying lawn curbs. Paving and clinker paving. Spatial planning (leveling). Excavation and removal of soil. - Plumbing works, pipeline installation. Indoor and outdoor plumbing work of plumbing equipment, installation of sanitary devices. Plumbing, pipeline construction, indoor water supply and outdoor water supply. Installation of indoor and outdoor sewage systems. Construction of wastewater treatment plants, construction of pumping stations, construction of wells. Sewerage installation and sewerage repair, installation, local sewerage construction, outdoor sewerage, bathroom connection, toilet and concealed toilet connection, faucet connection, shower tray installation and shower enclosure. Radiator, washing machine, dishwasher connection. Construction of drainage systems. Water well installation. Repair of sanitary facilities. - Construction of electrical networks Electrical installation works, interior installation works, Resistance measurements. To meet all the needs of their customers and to work under subcontracting agreement. The companies that could be interested in cooperation with the company are the ones that needs assistance in various projects.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company seeks a customer for contracting services in construction projects. The company welcomes partnerships with international companies that are interested in their services. The company is offering their services to be a contractor with the interested company and to obtain some of the obligations of the project and to work under the subcontracting agreement.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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Already working in Sweden
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