A Lithuanian sewing company is offering their services and is looking for partners abroad to work under manufacturing or subcontracting agreement

The Lithuanian company is specializing in various sewing projects and services: men's, women's, children's, working, dog's clothing and home textile products. The company is offering its sewing services to designers and companies in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to work under the manufacturing or subcontracting cooperation agreement.
A Lithuanian enterprise that works since 2005 provides sewing services for all sectors and is open to any partnership opportunity. The company has experienced workers in various spheres (technologists, designers of clothes, cutters, and sewers). The company is working with a wide range of textile fabrics like knitwear, wool, cotton, linen, pes and leather, synthetic fabrics, faux Fur, special fabrics, fleece fabrics. The sewing equipment is suitable to sew all the materials. Lithuanian company uses different sewing machines to meet the needs of its customers: industrial sewing machines, special purpose industrial sewing machines, heavy-duty, compound feed lockstitch sewing machine, high-speed needle bar feed lockstitch machine, needle overegging industrial sewing machine. This Lithuanian sewing enterprise extends to various sewing services and can offer their services working with: • clothes (men, women, children); • linen products (bags, sacks, etc.) • house textile products (housewares, bedclothes, towels, tablecloths, covers for furniture) • animal-related products (clothes, accessories for dog’s special purposes: hunting, sport, travel, medicine). The company can provide the full service of designing, constructing, fabric cutting, and sewing for mass production or personal needs of the company. The company is making sewing production for partners by their examples and templates and help to get material and other additions that are needed in Lithuania. The company is interested in exporting its services to foreign countries. The company is offering its sewing services and is looking for partners in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The potential business partner should have experience in textiles. The company is ready to be a subcontractor and to take up orders according to the specified guidelines and requirements. Cooperation based on the manufacturing agreement is also possible. Growth in sales is the desired outcome of international collaboration.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
All the potential business partners should have experience in textiles and sewing industries. The Lithuanian company is searching for a foreign sewing company to take over its workload and to work under the subcontracting agreement. Companies that need sewing services (designers, fashion houses, companies working with popular fashion brands) can be possible partners; according to their templates and samples, needed goods can be made under manufacturing agreement. The company is flexible about the requirements, but it prefers large and regular volumes of orders.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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