A logistic company exporting fruit and vegetables from the Republic of Moldova is looking for distributors in European Union Countries

A Moldovan company dealing with export of a large variety fruit and vegetables of high quality, with origin from the Republic of Moldova is interested in a distribution services agreement with partners from such European Union Countries as Italy, France, the Netherlands to export its products. Identification of new distributors in such countries as Romania, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania is also possible.
A relatively young company from the Republic of Moldova, established in 2017 and dealing with transportation and export of fresh fruit and vegetable from selected Moldovan producers is interested in concluding distribution services agreements with distributors from European Union countries, with a focus on such markets as France, Italy, the Netherlands, The company has experience in exporting large quantities of Moldovan fruit and vegetables of a very good quality in such countries as Romania, Germany, Baltic countries, Belarus. The assortment of fruit and vegetables that can be delivered includes: grapes, plums, sweet and sour cherries, peaches, apricots, strawberries, cabbage, peppers, onion, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Annually the company has between 30 and 60 exports, with an export volume of 500 - 1000 tons of agricultural products (fruit and vegetables) to European Union countries. In 2019 the company reached an export volume of 2000 tons of fruit and vegetables. In 2021 the enterprise managed to export to German a small quantity of plums and grapes. The company is also interested in diversifying its network of distribution partners in Germany, Romania and Baltic states.
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The company is looking for distributors of fresh fruit and vegetables from such European Union countries as: France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Baltic States. The partners sought can be retails chains, supermarket networks, individual wholesale or retail distributors or importers of fresh fruit and vegetables.
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