Looking for improved ways of monitoring the patient inside and outside of the hospital, for better health outcomes.

A Dutch healthcare multinational is looking for new ways to improve patient monitoring in order to improve health outcomes, patient experience, staff satisfaction and to realize a lower cost of care. Today, patient care delivery in hospitals is often inefficient, leading to high costs, less than desirable health outcomes and overworked staff. A technical or research cooperation agreement is aimed for. This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open platform.
Today, patient care delivery in hospitals is often inefficient, leading to high costs, less than desirable health outcomes and overworked staff. Discrete views of patient information can cause miscommunication and workflow inefficiencies which lead to patient complications, unwanted clinical variation and avoidable costs. The Dutch multinational believes that new methods in Patient Monitoring both in- and outside of the hospital can alleviate some of these issues. Like capturing data in new and more efficient ways and presenting this data in meaningful and timely ways to those people who need it the most. Solutions offered should address the following quadruple aim: • improved health outcomes • improved patient experience • improved staff satisfaction • and lower cost of care. The company is eager to establish collaborations in the framework of a technological or research agreement with emerging businesses. Particular interest is being paid to startups with innovative business models directly advancing the mentioned quadruple aim. Such as enabling shorter length of stay, managing of episodic risk of patients being readmitted to hospitals, managing referrals between clinicians or institutions, taking diagnosis, procedures or monitoring outside the hospital. IMPORTANT: This Technology Request refers to an innovation challenge published on an internet platform. If an organization expresses interest before closing date, it will be guided towards this open innovation platform. After registration participants can browse free through other submissions and engage in discussions. All submissions will receive feedback from the Dutch company via this open platform. The challenge closes on May 27th 2019. Mind that posts on this platform are not confidential. Beside open discussions on the platform, sharing of confidential information will be made possible on demand. After that, the company will select the SME's with whom they would like to cooperate in the development of a solution. Once the challenge is closed, Expressions of Interest for this technology request will be handled in the traditional way.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Dutch company is looking forward to work with the core (founder) teams of companies who have already established a level of problem/solution fit, which should include early prototypes of service structures. Partner organizations will typically be at Seed or Series A stage, although the company also consider pre-seed in some circumstances. The company is looking for a technological or research cooperation agreement although other types of collaboration are also considered.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The company is specifically looking for the following disciplines in a collaboration partner: • Artificial Intelligence and Pattern Recognition for clinical conditions • Data and AI based Performance Analytics • New Measurement Techniques for in-patient and ambulatory monitoring • Ultrasound, ECG (ElektroCardioGram), Wearable sensors • Communication between caregivers and patients
Stage of Development: 
Prototype available for demonstration
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Everything from prototype available for demonstration, field tested / evaluated, available for demonstration to already on the market will be considered.
IPR Status: 
Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Granted patent or patent application essential,Exclusive Rights,Copyright,Other
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