A Macedonian producer of cosmetic clay products is looking for trade agents for commercial agency and distribution services agreement

A Macedonian producer of natural cosmetics is offering a cosmetic clay used for external application in the treatment of face skin, scalp or feet. The processing of the raw clay is done without any thermical or chemical treatment and all additives used are entirely natural. The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents for market entry in various European countries.
A Macedonian natural cosmetics producer is specialised in the manufacturing of blue clay products. The company has been working for many years on transforming its handcraft manufacturing into small-scale industrial production launched in 2010. Currently, the sales efforts are mainly focused on the national and neighbouring markets. The production facility is located in the country’s capital enabling access to the main transportation routes whereas the raw materials are collected from environmentally clean areas. Processing the raw clay into a powder is a lengthy and complicated procedure that usually involves thermical treatment and adding of different additives, including harmful preservatives. The company utilises a secret know-how for processing of the raw clay involving no thermical or chemical treatment while obtaining safe products with the same rejuvenation features as the conventional ones. A specific set of steps is used for processing the raw product into a powder that enables for both elimination of the risk of contamination and natural sterilisation of the product. For reinforcing the benefits from the raw clay, only natural additives are being used. These represent the main competitive advantages of the company compared to the other producers. The company is offering its main product, the cosmetic clay for external application. The product is characterised with a high capacity for ion exchange with its mineral structure composed of silicon, aluminium, potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium and sodium. The granule composition is with fraction content of bellow 32 micrometers (94.45%). The product can be used as a standalone cosmetics product or as a bulk powder that can be further utilised in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries (e.g. medicinal clay for dermatology and physical therapy related products). Relevant dermatological testing proves that the proposed product is completely safe and effective. The primary use of the product is for cosmetics purposes in the treatment of face skin, scalp or feet. To a limited extent, the product can be used as medicinal clay in dermatological treatment of acne, skin infections, cellulite, or hair fall. The product is intended for external application and its current use include: • Treatment of the scalp and hair • Face Mask (tightening of the skin, accelerating blood circulation, detoxification, peeling, improving skin elasticity) • Treatment of acne and blackheads • Anti-cellulite treatment • Treatment of irritated skin (mostly caused by shaving, waxing, sunburn, insect bites, chemicals, etc.). • Treatment of feet (due to perspiration, odour, mild infections and heel peeling) The company is looking for trade intermediaries interested in representing and/or distributing the product across Europe. The product is offered in different packaging sizes depending on its intended use: 80g, 100g, 350g and 500g. The company is mainly focused on the production process and possesses limited capacity for international sales. Therefore, agents or distributors capable in reaching out the customers on foreign markets is the most appropriate solution for the company’s internationalisation. The company is open for exclusive type of agreements for both commercial agency and distribution in the targeted countries. This will ensure for long-term cooperation and mutual benefits of both parties.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for agents to expand its business in other countries in Europe in the form of commercial agency agreement. They are also interested in cooperation in the form of distribution agreement. The products can be marketed as goods for personal care or provided to the spa, beauty and barber parlours. Thus, companies having prior experience in delivering similar products to chains of stores and/or spa/beauty sector are the most suitable partners. Their role should be to launch the product onto the specific market (retail and/or spa and beauty).
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Dermatological tested and approved by relevant national and EU-based authorities including public health institutes.
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Secret Know-how
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