A Macedonian producer of healthy bars is looking for distributors and commercial agents

A Macedonian producer of healthy foods specializes in breakfast bars. The company uses natural and gluten-free ingredients. Partners for distribution and commercial agency agreement are sought.
A Macedonian company established in 2018 is producing healthy products using natural and gluten-free ingredients including dry fruits and a variety of nuts. Every batch of the manufactured products is supplied with quality certificate and microbiology analysis protocol. The company specializes in breakfast healthy bars and offers the following products: • Cashew, Chocolate and Cranberry bar • Almond and Cranberry bar • Almond, Chocolate and Cranberry bar • Cashew and Cranberry bar • Coconut, Almond, Dark chocolate bar • Pumpkin seeds, Raisins, Dark chocolate bar • Almond, Raisins, Dark chocolate bar The current production capacity is 5-7 tons per month. The company is willing to enlarge its database of clients on new international markets and is looking for new distributors (distribution services agreement) and agents (commercial agency agreement). The Macedonian company expects to benefit from increased sales and improved brand recognition on international markets. The products are stored and transported up to 22 degrees Celsius. During the summer month is advisable to be transported by fridge trucks. The packaging size of the individual bar is 4.5cm X 16cm, 30 individual packages are packed in one display box, 6 displays in one transport carton, and 60 cartons are in one pallet.
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The Macedonian company is looking to enter into cooperation with international partners that have the capacity and willingness to help penetrate the products on foreign markets. Preferred types of cooperation are distribution and commercial agency agreement. Partners under distribution agreement should be willing to distribute the product to large and small retailers, where partners under commercial agency agreement should assure promotion of the brand in the right way and negotiate sales on behalf of the Macedonian company in return for agreed remuneration.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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