A Macedonian textile company is looking for partners through subcontracting and outsourcing agreements

A Macedonian textile company, specialized in production of women clothes, is looking for partners for establishing subcontracting and outsourcing cooperation.The company is offering high quality loan production and minimum order per style 500 pieces.
The Macedonian clothing factory was established in 1997, as a family business. It is located in the eastern part of North Macedonia. The main activity of this company is the production of women garments, mostly women’s trousers, skirts and shorts. The company has four production lines and 180 employees in total. Their monthly output ranges between 25.000-28.000 pieces and the production capacity is equipped with semi-automated and automated machines. The company constantly invests in new technologies with a purpose of improving their already existing production to achieve better quality, maximize the use of raw materials, and increase the speed and efficiency. It is looking for partners that can offer subcontracting or outsourcing cooperation. The staff and the quality assurance system applied at the production line, in conjunction with the actions taken by the general manager of the plant, provide comprehensive quality assurance for all orders. As regards the delivery phase, the finished products are packed and prepared for transport in accordance with the standards and requirements of the partners.The company would like to expand their production capacity and start a new collaboration with foreign fashion brands, offering them high quality production. The minimum order per style should be 500 pieces. They can buy trimmings locally and organize with third part companies washing and embroidery. The company is looking for a partner that needs to outsource part of its production process like sewing, designing, packaging etc. They are also open to cooperation under subcontracting agreements with foreign manufacturers of textiles. The potential partner could be a small or medium sized company interested in end textile products.
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The company is interested to find partners, particularly smaller enterprises that are dealing with textiles and are in need of a subcontractor or outsourcing partner. The company is looking for partner that needs to outsource part of its production (like sewing, designing, packaging according to their design). The company is also considering to partner with companies under subcontracting agreement for specific tailored products. It is now offering subcontracting to foreign manufacturers of textiles for process improvement and cost reduction in the production of their textiles. The potential partner could be a small or medium sized company interested in end textile products that this company can produce for them.
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