Maltese company that has developed a customisable large data intelligent platform for the pharmaceutical and labware industries seeks international partners for commercial agency or distribution services agreements

The Maltese company has developed an intelligent software solution for structuring, cleaning and enriching large amounts of data. It has been heavily tested in industry and can be customised to various businesses and integrated into the existing business processes. The company is seeking partners that have contact with pharmaceutical companies and businesses selling lab equipment, glassware or internet of things measurement sensors, for commercial agency or distribution services agreements.
The solution developed by the Maltese company can help in the various data preparation cycles such as data ingestion, fusion, analytics and visualisation. The system can run in different modes such as on premises, cloud or hybrid to adapt to strict data requirements but at the same time harness flexibility and scale offered by cloud platforms. Data anonymization and encryption is conducted both for data at rest and in motion. The solution has provided over 60+ connectors such as common database platforms (mySQL, Postgres, MSSQL) and third party data source providers such as google analytics. New connectors could be created to integrate with company wide legacy systems including connectors to connect with healthcare sensors (high-performance liquid chromatography or balances) or general internet of things sensors (that measure temperature/ humidity/ pressure/ shock/ global positioning system). The platform can be deployed on various cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, BlueMix, GCP) or on premises. Various real-time reporting, notifications and alerts are implemented over SMS, IM (WhatsApp / Telegram), phone calls, and emails when anomalies in the data are detected. The company is seeking international partners that have expertise in selling software products and a client-base operating in the pharmaceutical or retail of labware and lab equipment to sign commercial agency or distribution services agreements.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partners could be resellers or agents and should possess expertise in selling software products or want to expand their portfolio with an innovative software solution. Ideally, the partner should have a client base that collects some form of data (website traffic, internet of things devices) such as those operating in the pharmaceutical industry or retail of labware and lab equipment and willing to enter into commercial agency or distribution services agreements.
Stage of Development: 
Available for demonstration
Comments Regarding Stage of Development: 
Main components (data ingestion and fusion) of the system are already available. . The solution in itself will also need customisation for particular use cases and clients since it has to integrate with the business process of the user. These parts have to be integrated and some time new development needed, for example to integrate with a client legacy system.
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