Maltese startup seeks hardware and software, for facial motion capture, and 3D scanning and modelling, for its X Reality (XR) media lab from European partners willing to enter into commercial agreements with technical assistance or joint ventures

A Maltese technological advertising start-up is seeking suppliers and/or service providers to purchase and/or collaborate on solutions for its X Reality (XR) media lab including facial motion capture, 3D scanning and modelling, and motion capture hardware and software. Main partners targeted are from European countries for entering into a commercial agreement with technical assistance or joint venture.
The Maltese company currently provides software and hardware visual light-emitting diode (LED) solutions for commercial marketing to shop owners by transforming existing indoor glass showcases and walls into a transparent video display wall. Its research team is working on extending its solutions for outdoor marketing on billboards, large-scale display for events and exhibitions and public advertising. The company is planning to venture into virtual production for its clients by creating an XR media lab with LED walls, LED ceiling and LED floor as shown in the image to be able to demonstrate their solutions to potential customers and allow them to experience the visuals prior to purchasing. The XR media lab will also serve as a media production centre for commercial, educational, and medical use. The company is thus seeking hardware and software for: • facial motion capture • 3D scanning and modelling and • motion capture solutions. Suppliers and/or service providers from Europe are sought for entering into a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint venture.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Maltese company is looking for software and hardware solution providers to either purchase facial and motion capture solutions and 3D scanning and modelling solutions from, or to join force with to help with developing its XR media lab. Main interest is in partnering with European suppliers and/or service providers for a commercial agreement with technical assistance or a joint venture.
Technical Specification or Expertise Sought: 
The Maltese startup is looking for software and hardware to develop its XR media lab as follows: Hardware for facial motion capture preferably: • uses its own dedicated camera rather than mobile phone as the capturing device that can be customized for different setup requirement • operates under both colour and monochrome mode • has multi-view point: two tracking scanning features • with high frames per second and high resolution capturing tracking for recording and in real-time for streaming. The software for facial motion capture should: • be game engine friendly such as unreal or unity or models generated can be easily imported by these engines or have the plug-in app availability • have mobile app availability and open API availability although these are not compulsory In the case of the 3D scanning and modelling solution, the ideal hardware would: • be portable to be able to be carried around in outdoor environment • have its own memory to allow working without access to internet • be a laser scanner or high quality, high speed image capturing system for photogrammetry Similarly, the ideal software solution for 3D scanning and modelling would: • be game engine (such as unreal engine) friendly • have game engine plug-in and app availability although this is not compulsory. For motion capture: • a wearable solution is preferred rather than capture camera • in case of setting up capture camera in studio or on truss frame, minimum space requirement is a key factor • it is best to allow such a solution to work in a small area. • ability to capture with high frame rate and high resolution for recording and in real-time for streaming. • the software should have unreal engine plug-in or can be easily imported by unreal engine.
Stage of Development: 
Project already started
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