Manufacturer of security and safety footwear, fashion footwear and special purpose footwear from Bosnia and Herzegovina is looking for partners under distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement

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The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina which produces security and safety footwear, fashion footwear and special purpose footwear is looking for partners for bilateral cooperation under a manufacturing or distribution services agreement. The company's biggest advantage over the competition is high quality products and willingness to make changes to the product according to individual customer requirements.
The company is located in the Republic of Srpska in Prnjavor (north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina). It was established in 1992. The entire production process takes place in one location. The company has a total of 600 square meters of production and office space where the company management and production facility are located. Using available resources and experience in the area of its business, the company improves its business with the aim of entering new markets and retaining existing ones. The company employs 30 people, 25 of whom are women. The company's product predominantly exported to foreign markets (Serbia, Germany, Austria). In accordance with customer's requirements, the company designs and produces following types of footwear: - Security and safety footwear, - Fashion footwear, - Special purpose footwear. The company produces about thirty models of footwear that it has developed and designed itself, and many models are designed by the customer. The company is constantly investing in the development of personnel, equipment and technologies. In the process of converting customer requirements into finished products, the company uses the following technologies: Computer-aided design (CAD) and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), classic shoe gluing, Flex technology and Strobel technology. The company has a fully rounded footwear manufacturing process and it has all the necessary machines for the production. The company has implemented: - ISO 20345 - Personal protective equipment - Safety footwear, - ISO 9001:2015 - Quality management systems - ISO 14001:2015 - Environmental management systems The company is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with reliable partners under a distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement. The expected results of the cooperation are sales of the company's products and increased production and profit. Under distribution services agreement the company is looking for a partner who will be direct seller or it will promote products to wholesale companies, online shops and represent the company's business interests on foreign markets. Company is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation under the manufacturing agreement with manufacturers of footwear. A role of a partner will be to specify the type, basic parameters, and quantity of the requested product(s). The company will be, in return, responsible for manufacturing the ordered products and, if requested, it can design them as well. The footwear may be later sold under the client's brand.
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Type of agreement: Distribution services agreement. Type of partner sought: suppliers (importers and wholesalers) of footwear. The company would like to establish cooperation especially with footwear stores which sell directly to users. Role of partner sought: to disseminate information about the products among its clients and to find new customers. The company will provide partners with necessary materials, such as a catalogue of the offered products. Type of agreement: manufacturing agreements. Type of partner sought: footwear manufacturer. Role of partner sought: The partner needs to decide whether he orders standard products (available from the company's catalogue) or custom-made products. For custom-made products a partner has to either provide their detailed specification or basic parameters so that the company can design them itself.
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