Manufacturer of wooden furniture from Bosnia and Herzegovina is looking for partners under distribution services or manufacturing agreements.

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The company is located in northwest Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company which produces wooden furniture is looking for partners for cooperation under distribution services or manufacturing agreements. The company's biggest advantage over the competition is good design and quality of products.
The company is located in the Republic of Srpska in Banja Luka (northwestern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina). The company was founded in 1947 and in 2008 it passed into the private ownership. From that moment company operate under a new name and branding, and return on the market as a leader in the industry of high-quality wooden furniture production. The company’s headquarters in Banja Luka covers an area of about 320.000 square meters, where the administrative building, showroom, production and storage facilities are located. To maintain continuous growth and development, company constantly invest in modernization of the production technology and education opportunities for employees. The company counts 150 employees who regularly meet even the most complex customer requirements to offer innovative solutions in accordance with global trends in the industry. Company operate in the markets of the following countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a tradition of over 70 years, Company runs factories for the production of solid wood furniture, veneer, panel and upholstered furniture. It also run the briquette factory as a tightly related activity. The company owns the most modern woodworking machines. In the process of converting customer requirements into finished products, the company uses the following technologies: CAD/CAM design, log cutting, drying of raw materials, solid boards production, woodworking, product assembly, painting and varnishing of assemblies, product upholstery. In addition to numerous production activities, the company offers a wide range of services in the field of equipping various types of facilities on a turnkey in the domain of construction and finishing works. By giving support in engineering, company provide its clients services from the development of interior design solutions to the execution of all types of work and furniture production. Company make furniture from raw materials of European oak, sessile oak, Slavonian oak, beech, American and domestic walnut, maple, poplar, etc., with finishes in varnish or oil. It provides clients with diverse collections of modern or classic style furniture. In accordance with customer's requirements, the company produces:  Furniture sets,  Club tables, Worktables and Conference tables,  Showcases,  Chest of drawers,  Beds,  Night tables and Toilet tables,  Wardrobes,  Kitchen,  Dining chairs. The company operates according to international standards ISO 9001:20015, ISO 14001:2015 and FSC. The company is interested in establishing long-term cooperation with reliable partners under a distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement. The expected results of the cooperation are sales of the company's products and increased production and profit. Under distribution services agreement the company is looking for a partner who will be direct seller or it will promote products to wholesale companies, online shops and represent the company's business interests on foreign markets. Company is interested in mutually beneficial cooperation under the manufacturing agreement with furniture manufacturers. A role of a partner will be to specify the type, basic parameters, and quantity of the requested product(s). The company will be, in return, responsible for manufacturing the ordered products and, if requested, it can design them as well. The furniture may be later sold under the client's brand.
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The company is looking for furniture distributors and partners interested in concluding long-term manufacturing agreements. Type of Agreement: Distribution services agreement. Type of Partner Sought: suppliers (importers and wholesalers) of furniture, furniture salon chains, home improvement stores, etc. The company would like to establish cooperation especially with furniture stores which sell directly to users. Also, the company can provide services of development of interior design solutions. A possible partner can be an agent willing to represent the company's production or distributor - retail stores. Role of Partner Sought: to disseminate information about the products among its clients and to find new customers. The company will provide partners with necessary materials, such as a catalogue of the offered products. Type of Agreement: manufacturing agreements. Type of Partner Sought: furniture companies. Role of Partner Sought: The partner needs to decide whether he orders standard products (available from the company's catalogue) or custom-made products. For custom-made products a partner has to either provide their detailed specification or basic parameters so that the company can design them itself.
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