Moldovan honey producer seeking European partners via distribuitor services agreement or manufacturing agreement

The Moldovan honey cooperative offers a range of premium-quality selected honey, monofloral and polyfloral honey, and other honey products. The company offers natural bottled honey in glass jars with different capacities or wholesale. Due to expansion, the company is seeking European partners via distributor services agreement. The company is also offering the production under private label through signing manufacturing agreements.
The company is a community of bee farms owned by small local producers, united by the idea of producing acacia and polifloral honey, made from natural and sugar-free raw materials. Each member of the Cooperative has over 10 years of experience in the field. All of them use modern methods and technologies for the production of high-quality honey, ecological and without additives. The technological process includes honey pre-heating, liquefaction, filtration, and homogenization. Due to permanent temperature monitoring and the use of specialized equipment, the valuable qualities of the honey are preserved. Lab test reports and other certificates can be issued upon request. Diversity of the plants in the area helps the offering of two types of honey, natural monofloral, especially acacia honey, and polyfloral honey (sunflower honey or the so-called bouquet honey). Acacia honey is used for its antiseptic, healing, and antimicrobial properties, low pollen content, and natural antioxidants. It can be used in the same way as any other honey, stirred into beverages, or in baking. Since acacia honey is so pure, it has a lightly sweet, mildly floral flavor that doesn’t overtake other flavors, making it a nutritious sweetening option. Polyfloral honey is considered to have a more varied nutritional profile than certain monofloral honey because of the variety of nectar types in its composition that is more likely to provide a wider range of nutrients and other biologically active elements. Rich in different pollen types, polyfloral honey exhibits immuno-modulating activity, more exactly it stimulates the immune system to respond better to infection and disease. Pollen does this by increasing vitamin C content in the immune system that produces white blood cells, reducing inflammation, and exerting antioxidant and antibiotic properties. Now, the company is looking to expand the export to other countries and is looking for distribution services agreements or manufacturing agreements. The Moldovan company may also supply the goods under the label of partner, in glasses jars with different volumes or wholesale.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Moldovan company is interested in finding a partner in order to develop the company's activities under a manufacturing or distribution services agreement. In case of manufacturing agreement potential partners of the company are: Manufacturers operating in the food, candy manufacturers, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors of the economy that traditionally use or are planning to use bee products as ingredients in their products, or distributors of honey and bee products with strong knowledge of the local markets and commercial networks. Honey shops specialized in selling honey and bee products are also an option; The potential partners are expected to have a clear idea of the requested products. The potential partners have to provide the manufacturer with detailed specifications of the requested products as type, packages, quantities, and labels of products. As well as to make regular orders for the goods negotiated under the manufacturing agreement. For the distribution services agreement, the searched partner should operate in the field of food shops, honey shops specialized in selling honey and bee products, supermarket chains, wholesale and retail chains, etc.
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Already on the market
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