A Montenegrin company specialized in steel casting is looking for distributors.

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A Montenegrin company specialized in steel casting for general machinery, mining, construction, cement, incineration, marine and ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy is looking for distributors.
The Montenegrin company is founded in 1992 and deals with manufactures steel castings for the purposes of various industries. The production program includes around 700 types of different steel castings (carbon and structural, stainless steel - water resistant, heat resistant, austenitic manganese steels, tool steels to work in cold and warm conditions, tool steels). The company possesses two open induction furnaces with the capacity of 280 and 500 kg/batch as well as furnace for heat treatment of castings with capacity of approximately 600 kg of castings/batch. The table grinding machine is used for casting processing, manual tools for drilling and cutting, and sand blasting with steel batch is used for finishing. Annual capacity is about 1,200 t of melted steel or 800 t finished castings. Control of chemical composition of input raw material, melted steel and finished castings are done by optical quantum meter (having ability to determine the content up to 30 elements). The company also performs control of chemical composition, mechanical features, dimension control, ultrasound, and penetrants. The chemical composition and mechanical features are tested by BS, JUS, DIN, AISL, GOST, ASTM and other standards. The main products are: carbon/steel casting for upgrading, steel casting for the work on high temperatures, Heat resistant steel casting, stainless steel and chemically stable steel casting, steel casting resistant to wearing, steel casting resistant to the action of hydrogen,steel casting resistant to low temperatures, steel casting for the case hardening, reinforcement of low and high pressure from carbon and acid resistant steel castings, linings for mills in cement and mining industry, heat resistant grates of fuller coolers, track links for agricultural machines, linings of mills for therm power plants, linings for ore crusher mills, bearers of tooth and teeth for construction and mining machines. The main market for product placement are construction industry, mechanical industry, energy sector, metallurgy, etc. The largest buyers of their product are from: Italy, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo. The company wants to gain more customers and it is looking for distributors. The company is offering its products to distributors (suppliers of steel casting products to related industries) from European countries and abroad which could help the Montenegrin company to introduce its products into their respective local markets. The obligation of the potential cooperation partners will be to provide the company with new customers.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is looking for distribution partners that are already supplying steel casting products to related industries. Potential partners should have the right selling channels and should have a strong portfolio of steel user brands.
Stage of Development: 
Already on the market
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