Montenegrin ICT company is offering service of digital marketing to their partners and offers cooperation under outsourcing agreement

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In the digital arena where business and commerce converge, this Montenegrin ICT company offers digital marketing tools and techniques to companies from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. They are looking to sign outsourcing agreements with a companies that require their expertise.
A Montenegro company was founded in 2012. The company is experienced in development of diverse ICT services. The company develops and distributes most advanced software solutions, offers drafting and implementation of ICT solutions for customer needs, provides advisory and technical support, digital marketing and on-line promotion. With a team of experienced professionals they are creating sales strategies, defining market niche, organization and management of the sales process based on Key Account Management principle. The company is a certified Google partner and offers service in digital marketing by using Google AdWords, Click Attack, Direct marketing and via managing social medias. Besides digital marketing management, named company to their clients offers development of web platforms as well as completes graphical solution for their product/services. Their clients are large companies from Montenegro as well as well known international organizations on well renowned projects. As a result of successful business planning, during 2017, the company obtained around 500.000 Euros in income. They have successfully implemented projects for various respected institutions/partners: a software solution for an electronic database of issued licenses and end users; a solution for web services; software for collecting and processing data on electronic communications and postal services; a solution for developing timetables; software for tracking comments on social networks and the Internet; maintenance services for a register of agro households, as well as cloud document management system (DMS - electronic system for tracking, managing and storing documents-reducing paper) software for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company has also developed several innovative projects: smart buoys, solar panels for charging mobile phones on parasols, noise sensors, etc, which will soon be introduced to the market with the support of several partners. Due to business planning, the company is interested in expanding its customer portfolio internationally and consequently providing professional, tailored advertising solutions to partners from abroad who seek expertise in this area for their campaigns. ICT company from Montenegro with primary activities in a software development and distribution, implementation of ICT solutions is offering digital marketing and online promotion services to companies from Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. The Montenegin company is offering its expertise to the interested companies that are looking for support in designing and implementing digital marketing tools and tehniques. The company can perform the business process in the framework of an outsourcing agreement.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The company is offering their services to public or private enterprises and institutions interested in capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace. The Montenegrin company would provide such support under an outsourcing agreement in which case the Montenegrin company would be in charge of designing digital solutions and online promotion for its potential clients within the frame of an outsourcing agreement. From the business partners the company expects professionalism and reliability.
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Already on the market
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