New generation customised development/repair of radiofrequency (RF) or microwave passive components/modules (300MHz to 40GHz) for aerospace and defence applications

A French SME has specialised in designing and manufacturing of very high power and wide band passive components/modules dedicated to radio/satellites communications, radar, electronic warfare or counter measure solutions, as well as specific obsolescence treatment of aeronautic and naval systems to be maintained. The SME offers commercial agreement with technical assistance to develop new components or custom product such as filter, power divider/combiner, coupler, power limiter or rotary joint.
Since 1995, the French SME operates in designing and manufacturing passive custom RF and microwave components/modules to meet specific requirements that might not otherwise be available, such as filters, duplexers, power combiners, couplers and subassemblies for defence and civilian markets. The SME developed a reputation for producing very reliable parts for the military industries, with very wide frequency bands, low loss and high power performance. The company has specialised in developing new components and subassemblies to be integrated into Transmission/Reception (Tx/Rx) chains for front-end radar, Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, land-based and embedded Telecommunications as well as solid state power amplifiers (SSPA) for ground satcom equipments or testing purpose of Electromagnetic Compatibility Industry (EMC). It also provides bespoke solutions for maintenance, repair or up-grade of embedded Defense equipment. The SME can provide custom-engineered or standard devices at cost-effective, products are designed to meet the partner targets of performance, volume and cost. The SME is able to develop RF/microwave products fitting exactly the partner specific needs or to guide the partner towards one of standard existing devices. The French team of engineers integrates and tests the developed products in its own production line based in the facility in France. The SME offers high-power multi-octave broadband designs by using cutting edge technologies. It can design a large line of filters, power combiners/splitters and couplers able to keep up with dozens of kW of RF power in a range of 300MHz to 40GHz: -connectorised low pass, high pass, band pass and stop band (notch) filters: stripline suspended substrates, lumped elements, mechanical cavity and resonator -power combiners and dividers: toroidal magnetic cores, Gysel and Wilkinson type, waveguide magic tee -directional and hybrid couplers: stripline and airline -miscellaneous functions: power limiter, rotary joint, dielectric resonator oscillator, passive gain equalizer… Moreover, the French SME is aware about the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of U.S. regulations on defence matters. The purpose of the ITAR regulations is to control the export and import in all forms of any technology or technical data that may be used for military purposes. This regulation applies to both US and non-US products when a US entity is involved in the design, manufacture or export of these products. As a subcontractor in the defence sector, the SME is fully aware of the standards and regulations in force induced by this regulation. Thus, the SME certifies that none of their products or part of them fall within the scope of the ITAR regulation and are therefore «ITAR free». The SME offers its know-how to partners within the framework of commercial agreements with technical assistance for the production of passive components or tailor-made RF or microwave modules with specific needs for applications in the sectors of telecommunications, aerospace, maritime or others.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The partner should have needs of customised or specific RF/microwave components/modules. The partner could be Tier1 supplier of main European aerospace and defence accounts. The partner is expected to be part in projects with telecommunication and defense companies. The partner could have specific obsolescence treatment of aeronautic and naval systems to be repaired or maintained. The French SME can provide customised or specific RF/microwave components/modules under commercial agreement with technical assistance to fit the partner specifications.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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