One of the eldest Belgian craft distilleries is looking for distributors for its products (gins, spirits, liqueurs, aperitifs, junipers) in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France.

The Belgian craft distillery is one of the eldest distilleries in Belgium still in activity. Over the years, the distillery has created many alcoholic beverages as spirits, liqueurs, gins, junipers and aperitifs. Well established in its homeland, it wishes to strengthen its presence aboard and to enter new markets. Therefore, it is looking for distributors in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, interested in their high-quality products to enter a long-term collaboration.
The Belgian craft distillery turns this year 75 years old. Its beautiful story started in 1945 during a family trek. As the family was walking within the orchards, a cousin expatriate in Normandie, noticed all the beautiful fruits left to waste. It was such a shame. So, this cousin suggested to its family to use those fruits to make cider or calva as they do it in Normandie. It was a brilliant idea. The next year, the Belgian craft distillery was born. The Villagers’ enthusiasm was immediate. They started to bring their fruits to the distillery and a few months later the alcoholic beverages were ready to be picked up. In 1948, the first 72° elixir was created. It was a success in Belgium as well as in France. Building on the pharmaceutical experience existing among the founders, the distillery kept on creating new recipes over the years, including some with digestive qualities. The Belgian distillery has a profound anchorage in its land and hold close to its heart to keep on being a part of this heritage. Two things are in the Belgian distillery DNA: land and quality. In order to stand its own standards, the distillery only uses fresh fruits and refrains from adding any artificial flavors nor enhancers. Over the years, the Belgian distillery has always made the choice of authenticity by creating beverages with fresh fruits and typical plants from its own land. Joining innovation and tradition, the Belgian distillery has always understood the need to equip itself with the best tools as well as to enable itself to be perennial and to ensure the quality and taste of its creations. Keeping that in mind, the distillery invested in 4 Holstein stills. As the distillery is driven by tradition, it was and it still is important for it to enable client to be a part of its life. To allow that, the distillery has opened its doors to the public so it can see its infrastructures and its production processes. For 75 years the company has kept on expanding and it is now present in more than 7 countries, producing around 500.000 bottles of 70 cl per year. The rewarded distillery produces a wide range of craft alcoholic beverages including: • 7 liqueurs (lemon, pear, belgian chocolate, kumquat, orange, aromatic herbs and plants) • 4 aperitifs (vermouth, northen cherry, bitter) • 3 spirits (pear, raspberry) • 3 gins • 2 junipers The distillery controls the entire chain of production with intimate knowledge and respect for the lands. The beverages are exclusively made of natural ingredients. Several packagings are available depending on the type of alcohol. The alcoholic beverages are available in 20 cl, 50 cl and 70 cl bottles (75 cl for Vermouth). The company is looking for distribution service agreements in Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. The Belgian distillery wishes to enter into no exclusive long-term partnerships.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Belgian distillery wishes to enter into a long-term distribution agreement. The Belgian company is looking for a partner established in the target country who has a strong relationship with retail stores and liquors and alcoholic beverage stores. It is looking for distributors with a strong client portfolio that knows how to appreciate qualitative alcoholic beverages of all kind. The partner should ideally have a comprehensive vertical business strategy going from in-office negotiation and managing sales demonstrations in points of sale, to monitoring department managers (merchandising + commercial delegation). The partner would ideally be a purchaser, a storekeeper (wholesaler) and a brand distributor in their territory. It should be able to support the Belgian company with the launch of the brands by being in the head of marketing initiatives for the specific market. Also, the partner sought is a real ally which should directly negotiate with stores. The Belgian company is seeking a partner who is willing to become the developer and the ambassador of the new brands. The brewery is looking for long-term partnerships although not exclusive. The distillery is also open to making new products for others through subcontracting agreements. The company is working with incoterm EXW : Ex Works. The company is looking for partners in Spain, Portugal, Italy and in France.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how,Trade Marks
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