An online billing and invoicing platform for SMEs

A Macedonian software company has developed an online user-friendly invoicing and payment platform that is designed specifically for SMEs. The platform enables users to send invoices easily and to receive instant payments by choosing one of the available online payment methods including Paypal, Payoneer or Stripe. Partnership under the terms of services agreement is sought.
Many SMEs face growth challenges due to their limited ability to hire quality human resources and are usually trying to combine several processes into one position. Regular payments are also common issue and SMEs spend a lot of time handling outstanding payments that leads to inability to effectively manage their operations, including cash flow forecasting. A Macedonian software company has developed an online invoicing and payment platform that addresses the afore-mentioned challenges. The software solution enables SMEs to send, track and manage invoices effectively. The platform is integrated with the online payment methods Paypal, Payoneer and Stripe, thus providing for fast payments. In addition to the easy creation of the invoice, with the solution’s tracking features SMEs can follow the overall invoicing process i.e. know when the client has opened, downloaded or paid the invoice. Additional features allow the users to set automatic email and text message reminder for both the sender and the clients for due invoices, attach logged hours, agreements or any additional files with the invoice as well as receive financial reports that are simple and easy to read. The communication is protected with SSL encryption and data is encrypted on a daily basis. Depending on the number of monthly clients the software offers three pricing models and for those SMEs that have up to three clients per month the usage is free of charge. The features of the solution are the following: • Invoice tracking, email and SMS notifications when the invoice is opened, downloaded or paid • Financial reports • Online payment via PayPal, Stripe and Payoneer • Multiple currencies supported; new can be added if needed • Automatic reminders for every overdue invoice • Multiple tax settings • Attach files with invoices from Dropbox and Google Drive • Multiple templates available • Data security and safety (SSL data encryption, daily encrypted data backups to prevent data loss) The company wishes to increase its sales and reach new international clients. Partners that would help introduce and promote the solution at new markets under services agreements are sought. The potential partners should promote the platform to the end-users, engage in adaptation to the clients’ needs if needed and to provide continuous support. The Macedonian partner is expected to benefit from increased revenue sales whereas the international partner(s) would benefit from introducing the solution into their existing portfolio, increased market share, improved customer satisfaction and higher financial gains.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
Type of the partner sought: IT companies engaged in marketing and selling of business management software for SMEs. Activity of the partner: Service providers and vendors of business management software, offering services and products to subscription-based SMEs. Role of partner sought: The potential partners are expected to include the proposed solution in their existing portfolio, to engage in promotional activities, handle sales and after-sales support services. Potential partners are offered 20% of the sales for the 1st year and 10% of the sales for the 2nd year of the user’s subscription. The Macedonian company will provide technical support when necessary.
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Already on the market
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Secret Know-how
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