PeerFlow platform for next-generation streaming services

Bulgarian company specialized in development, distribution and maintenance of complex and individual software products and systems is offering an innovative streaming solution called PeerFlow platform. The company is focused on building next-generation video and audio delivery networks for OTT broadcasters, media groups, livestreaming companies and global businesses. The company is looking to establish partnership under commercial agreement with technical assistance and investors.
Bulgarian company is specialized in development, distribution and maintenance of complex and individual software products and systems, based on Windows, Linux and Android platforms, building of web and native applications, implementation and maintenance of servers. The company offers video and audio hosting services, specializing in full streaming support for all major video and audio formats, "on demand" streaming, "live" streaming, secure streaming and encoded services. Since its creation the company is specializing in streaming services. The services enable everyone, from individuals to big corporations to use video in their sites. The company provides tools that ease the management and publication of online video without compromising on advanced features like full statistics and custom advanced player. Each service of the company is flexible, includes an abundance of resources and is tuned for better performance. The company is one of the few video hosting service providing support for all major formats for streaming video.The comnay's mission is building next-generation video and audio delivery networks for OTT (Over-the-top) broadcasters, media groups, livestreaming companies and global businesses and is offering commercial agreements with technical assistance. The latest software project is called PeerFlow. The PeerFlow platform is an innovative type of hybrid CDN/P2P service, that allows access to a maximum number of end client devices, removing the limitations of the currently used platforms. Any device with an Internet browser can use the platform (computers, smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, etc.) PeerFlow is designed to work entirely on the Internet by using a combination of P2P (Peer-To-Peer), Cloud architecture and HTML5 technologies, ie. OTT service of the latest generation. Using the Livestreaming Platform you can distribute TV and Radio channels, as well as all other types of online streams. The company deliver your streams through a fully encrypted WebRTC-based network, allowing secure transport to any part of the world, from your source to your end customers. All this without having to invest resources in servers, CDN providers or encoding services. The system supports many different types of sources - MPEG-TS over UDP, MPEG-TS over HTTP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, and the most common encoding types - H264 AAC / MP2. Peerflow is a perfect example of the benefits of highly scalable P2P technology in content streaming as an alternative to traditional IPTV and cable operators. The offered technology stack can be used by broadcasting companies around the world to improve video QoE and cost efficiency. Providing a high-quality video experience for your customers and end users is crucial, as a content provider, in order to compete in the growing OTT broadcasting market. PeerFlow will help you tremendously to tackle these challenges, and allows running the infrastructure at a predictable cost and with maximum scalability. PeerFlow allocates the content delivery between company’s intelligent cluster of Injectors and SuperPeers and a mesh network of devices watching the same stream. This way, viewers will connect and share your live content with each other. The more viewers, the better your stream works.This architecture is better for scaling and more resilient during streaming peak hours. PeerFlow is integrated with the broadcaster’s existing platform by deploying a few lines of Javascript on the web page where the video player resides. Customers can test, control and monitor using the PeerFlow online dashboard, also to gain control of every part of the software with an on-premise installation of PeerFlow for full application control, 100% privacy and independence from external services. The innovative platform allows to offer the lowest prices on the market (10x lower than CDN prices), Infinite scalability and high streaming bitrates allowing 4K live streams. International investors are also sought.
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Type of partner sought: OTT broadcasters, media groups, livestreaming companies and global businesses, cloud-based video platforms, cloud service providers and social media platforms, platforms for video hosting and streaming. Role of the partner sought: Interested partners are expected to include the offered video streaming solution as their service under the terms of commercial agreement with technical assistance. In the case of a financial agreement, the company is looking for investors interested in investing in the implementation, further development and commercialization of the technology on the respective markets.
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