Peruvian company dedicated to the commercialization of Peruvian pink salt seeks distributors in Europe.

The Peruvian company with experience in the commercialization of Peruvian pink salt is looking for distributors in Europe. They have presence in 18 countries and cooperates with all stakeholders for fair trade from the extraction area located in Cusco. They are looking for distribution services agreement.
In the year 2004, the Peruvian company was born as a part of an agriculture entrepreneurship in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Cusco, Peru, a place where the Maras salt (Peruvian pink salt) is produced, an unique, 100% natural product and with a mystical history full of energy. Currently, the company attends local and international markets. They have exported to different countries such as Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Germany, United States, and others markets. Mainly to buyers and distributors. Its facilities, warehouses and main office are located in Lima, capital of Peru. The Peruvian company works with the communities of Cusco and in the north of the country, for this reason they have developed and worked together with them about the careful in the selection of products like the Peruvian pink salt, panela from Piura, organic black maca and organic quinoa. In the year 2013 they created Maras Gourmet brand, which allows to bring a group of gourmet products, healthy and with added value, this allowed to “Maras Gourmet” be recognized as a quality brand on local and international markets. For this reason, the Peruvian company seeks distributors in Europe.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Peruvian company is looking for distribution services agreement, like a partner, supplier of natural products stores or supermarkets, and also small sized companies that are starting in retail stores business. The partner should be an importer, retailer, B2B and global supplier.
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Already on the market
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