Peruvian company specialized in vegetable oils production seeks distributors in Europe

Peruvian company specialized in the production of essential, vegetable oils and personal care products, whose raw material come from the Andean and Amazon areas of Peru is looking for a distribution services agreement in Europe. Pure and natural essential oils are a group of aromatic molecules, volatile and insoluble in water. Essential oils are natural products of plants, a part of the plant's metabolism that protects the plant from external agents.
Peruvian company, located in Lima, capital of Peru, is specialized in the production and comercialization of essential oils and natural products, including: - Rosewood essential oil, Arrayan essential oil, Holy stick essential oil, Molle essential oil, Andean mint essential oil, Buriti vegetable oil, Ungurahui vegetable oil, organic certified Sacha Inchi vegetable oil and more. The company uses raw materials grown in Peru, under unique weather conditions worldwide. Furthermore, natural, preservatives-free proucts are known to help people improve their life quality (look better, live longer, etc). Likewise, it is important to add that the essential oils are obtained from products in an environmentally responsible way and traded without a complex system of intermediaries that would increase prices. All their products contain: - Holy stick: with more than 112 properties. antimutagenic, antiviral, analgesic, stimulant, etc. - Arrayan essential oil: antiseptic (acne), treats cellulitis, stretch marks,oily skin and hair. It is an antioxident and anti-inflamatory product. -Molle essential oil: it is antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-inflamatory product, a potent analgesic (bones and muscles) and addresses hypertension. -Ginger essential oil: it is a general antiseptic product, stregthens the immune system, relaxes the body and mind. It is also an exotic and warm product. - Rosewood essential oil: it is an analgesic, anticoagulant, antioxidant, digestive aid, body and gastric stimulant. - Muña essential oil: It is an antibacterial, anti-fungal product, prevents mites and reduces dizziness and headaches. It is also a refreshing and great body tonic. - Oregano essential oil: It is antiseptic, respiratory aid, analgesic, and muscular anti-inflamatory. It is a general stimulant and revitalizer product. Naturally these substances possess diverse therapeutic properties, which can be used as a natural alternative for caring for the health and improving the quality of life. The Peruvian company is looking for distributors, including retailers, and is interested in working under a distribution services agreement with its partners.
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The Peruvian company is looking for distribution services agreement in Europe in order to expand the market for their products.
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