Peruvian exporter and grower of fresh fruits and vegetables seeks distributors in Europe.

The Peruvian company with experience in the production and distribution of agricultural products such as grapes, asparagus and avocado is looking for distributors in Europe. They own 1,300 operative hectares and 1,700 hectares for future production in Ica (Southern Peru), Casma (Central Peru) and Olmos (Northern Peru) and cooperates with all stakeholders for fair trade. They are looking for distribution services agreement.
Peruvian company, exporter since 1997, produces a range of fruits and vegetables from its own farmlands. It takes care of the whole process and all its plants comply with the highest quality standards with food service. They have exported to different markets, such as United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, and others markets. Now, the company wants to reach other foreign markets. The products they export are: - Grapes, they have seedless (Sugraone, Flame, Crimson) from October to January and Red Globe from December to February. - Avocado, they focus on Hass variety from April to September. - Asparagus are available almost all year. The company promotes the development of the communities where it operates, promoting their active participation. By sharing the work, they encourage a sense of belonging and of responsibility in projects and have the latest technology and developments which are applied in all their processes, provided that they are not harmful for the environment, since they are aware of its importance for present and future generations. They have five farms with more than 800 hectares planted. They have been awarded the most prestigious international certificates thanks to the strict care they give to each aspect of their activity. These certificates endorse not only the quality of their service and their infrastructure, but also their concern for a sustainable development and for the care of the environment. The Peruvian company is looking for distributors and is interested in working under a distribution services agreement with their partners.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
The Peruvian company seeks to conclude a distribution services agreement. It is interested in collaborating with experienced sales partners with thorough knowledge of the fruit and vegetables market. They are specifically interested in finding medium or large partners. Further details about partner roles would be specified in direct contact.
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Already on the market
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