A Polish SME from food sector is offering snacks and seeks partners to conclude commercial agency or distribution services agreement

Poland based family company is involved in snack production since nearly three decades. Its main product – fruity corn balls became a bestseller in the domestic market. The portfolio comprises also white or dark chocolate balls, long corn sticks in chocolate and chocolate candies. The firm is offering to work with new trade partners in selected countries under commercial agency or distribution services agreement.
This small Polish family company working in the food sector was established in 1993. It specializes in the production of highest quality salty and sweet snacks including corn and chocolate products (candies, white and dark balls, long corn sticks). Nearly three decades of experience let the company understand the desires and preferences of Polish families. That is why the company has been able to offer unique taste and quality products. Its main brand of fruity corn balls belongs to the list of the 5 most chosen brands by consumers of the biggest supermarket chain in Poland (3000 stores). The snacks are produced of natural ingredients (flavours, dyes) and without any preservatives. There are also gluten-free line of snacks in the offer. The company is investing in new infrastructure in view to develop the innovative corn processing technology and to better supply FMCG (fast moving consumer goods ) sector. Currently, the company works with distributors in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. In view to further trans-border expansion the company is looking forward to cooperate with new agents, distributors, retail shops and supermarket chains. The potential partners should present a deep knowledge of local food and snack sector market. The Polish company offers full marketing support, with a desire to a long term business commitment to provide partners with products. Commercial agency agreements and distribution services agreements are offered for them.
Type (e.g. company, R&D institution…), field of industry and Role of Partner Sought: 
In case of commercial agency agreement Type of partner sought: any trade company or sole trader Role of the potential partner: Agent should have contacts with wholesalers and retailers, be experienced in sales in the food and snack sector. It should represent the products of the Polish company on its respective market. In case of distribution services agreement Type of partner sought: any trade company Role of the potential partner: Distributor should have a well established structure and active promote and sell the products offered by the Polish company in its home market. Possibility to provide transport and logistics services for operations and goods will be an advantage.
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